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This car was never named ''beetle'' it was a name just warmingly given to the little car by its adoring public, measuring 1 metre x 1 metre

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Diamond & peridot pendant set in 9ct gold

A beautiful gold pendant with 1 diamond and 1 peridot gemstone, diamond qualities bring love and clarity into a partnership,it attracts abundance & is an amplifier of energy,
it blocks electro magnetic stress & protects against cell phones. Diamond emparts fearlessness,invincibility and fortitude.It clears emotional & mental pain & brings new beginnings.It is a creative stone & activates the crown chakra linking it to divine light,
it treats glaucoma,allergies & chronic conditions,
it rebalances the metabolism & was traditionally used to counteract poisons. It enhances the power of the joining Peridot gemstone which protects the aura,
releases & neutralizes toxins on all levels, it opens,cleanses & activates the heart & solar plexus chakra. Peridot teaches that holding onto people or the past is counterproductive,
it motivates growth & sharpens the mind....measures 2 cm long & 8mm wide. looks absolutely gorgeous, even more so so than the picture may suggest.on a 9ct gold 16/18 inch chain


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