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To the lovely customer who contacted me last week

You contacted me the other day saying how you always read my blog, it was so nice to hear from you, no it was bloody brilliant to hear from you.

I gave you an email to check but i know you could not get in as it was blocked because i got an email saying that someone tried to access it so they blocked it, they asked if it was me and of course i said yes so now you should be able to access them, just try again on the same device you used. 

Many thanks


The new IBO super middleweight champion Chris Eubanks Jr. congratulations,well done, you've worked hard and a you already know you deserve it. big op!

Great win for Eubanks JR

Congratulations to Chris Eubank Jr on his title win, it's just such a shame mr Blackwell has been hurt more than Chris would have liked to.


One of those days when the police takes your ten year kept car from outside your house inside your residence parking bay,taxed and mot'd ,slips a note under your house door to tell you ''your car has been found abandoned outside your house! with the engine running, its been taken away, please call this crime number.

I did even better than that, i went to the police station where they told me, ''yes it had been hot wired, all wires hanging down from the ignition on right,,,,only my old classic saab has ignition on the left to the floor(no hanging wires)

And all this just a couple of days after my insurance ran out and i rang around trying to sell it..

Beware motorist.. drive cheap cars for they do not really belong to us.dont spend all your hard earned on them if you don't want to be upset when they take them away.  ''you can get your stuff out'' you'll hear them say but the car is the governments.
 days seem to have gone when there would have been a police service to serve you,,now there is a police force to force you to hand over your cash it seems,, not all mind, there is that nice policeman who brought me a drink and chocolate when i broke down in the same car a year ago . Makes you wanna holler eh?

The long last message

Having to look at the date of my last blog entry i feel i should write now, even though i don't have anything interesting to say.
i'm not about to tell you what i've been up to all these months for fear of losing any more of the last readers i might have left.
so i'm just going to wish you all a jolly good christmas, yep, eat drink and watch the queens speech.
oh and if any of you are ill, please get better soon.

Strong arm of the law

My car broke down today,the day after my birthday, i was sitting there waiting for the rac to rescue me a policeman pulled up and asked if i needed any help, i told him i was ok and waiting for the breakdown guys and off he went, only to come back half hour later,pulling up behind me i got out my car to see what was what and he said ''here this is for you'' and he gave me a bottle of water and a snicker bar.
How nice is that eh, when i tell you brighton is a cool place to live with cool people who care,it's all true. #viva las brighton!

Strong arm of the law

My car broke down today,the day after my birthday, i was sitting there waiting for the rac to rescue me a policeman pulled up and asked if i needed any help, i told him i was ok and waiting for the breakdown guys and off he went, only to come back half hour later,pulling up behind me i got out my car to see what was what and he said ''here this is for you'' and he gave me a bottle of water and a snicker bar.
How nice is that eh, when i tell you brighton is a cool place to live with cool people who care,it's all true. #viva las brighton!

cowboys and wash rags

Why have a cowboy wash when you can be in and out of the shower in under 5 minutes?


My very first ever brand new bicycle bought for me by brighton council after a random knock on my door is gone :(
it was cut away from outside my house,not by a bike burglar but by the builder of works,.he thought it was abandoned due to the rusty chain i'm guessing, now it's not been there for-ever, it's just that i live bang on the coast and that sea 300 feet away can play havoc with the salt getting into your metals, you should see what it's done to my car, even that's off the road, any dreams of me driving a rust free car is quickly woken by the fact that i don't even want to drive another car other than mine, i love the old classic and if i don't have high hopes for it,it will be toast-er


Wow, been so long since i last wrote a blog, there have been stuff that i wanted to write to you about but because i didn't do it straight away it's been forgotten, reminds me of a poem i had published many years ago when i was 18. you know whats coming next don't ya? the recital,. this poem is called ''poetry''
                                    i wrote this poem once, what a poem that it was

                                    every line did ryhme you see but that's only just because,
                                    i think that poems are poetry, when it ryhmes with words the same,
                                    like this one,one day thought of,whilst walking in the rain,
                                    my poems come with just one thought that comes any time of the day,
                                    i have to get it written down before it goes away,
                                    i've written poems from ambition,to seasons of the year
                                    but one thing's for certain in all my poems a message is very clear,
                                    it could be educational,a point or matter of fact.
                                    but all my poems are written, with careful planning and tact.
                                    so if you get the thought to write,grab a hold of your pen
                                    and write it down before you forget, signed M.Etienne

even i didn't know that was coming, especally when i don't have much of a blog to write.

My lottery numbers have come up!

So it's finally happened, instead of the usual 3 numbers coming up on the lottery and copping ten pounds my numbers done very well , 4 numbers and 1 lucky star number, only thing is they came up on the euro and i put them on the lotto. just think of that, your numbers on the other side of the glass and you can't get hold of them, i was feeling rather nauseaus untill i saw how much i would have won had i have put the same numbers on the euro instead. a grand total of £83!
83 quid for four numbers and a lucky star,
I guess it might have been more if less people got the same result.
Maybe my time soon eh. Imagine all the people i could help if i landed the fat one. one big happy family.

Be lucky  merv  x

Like a rolling stone

As the likes todays greatest rock stars gather again at venues and parks selling out 65,000 tickets in under 5 minutes (rolling stones) and indeed pre'peated the packed park back in 69, there was another great rock star out there with the name of Jimi Hendrix. Playing an outdoor gig that deserved to be awash with bodies swaying to the hypnotic rythm of the great mans licks (slight refere back to the stones) Anyhow,while watching my favourite guitarist of all time (following second is my friend ray lee) i couldn't help but notice that there was not a lot of people at his gig.then again it wasn't hyde park. check it out for youself..Jimi Gig.


Hi workshoppers, sorry about yesterdays cancellation of the workshop, this was due to a pre-booking of the venue for st patrick's day celebrations. your admission fee is still valid as i look for an alternative venue, in the mean time, please tell your friends about the workshop and perhaps bring them along to pay on the door or pre-pay as you guys did.
I hope you enjoyed your paddy's day celebrations, there's a lot of brightonians hanging this morning.

Disclaimer to drivers

Drivers of the world! no,let me re-phrase that, drivers of england, when you are waiting at the traffic lights and someone is almost across the road crossing in front of you and the lights change to green, do not pass go untill the pedestrian has crossed safely. Do not try to force the person or their families to run for their lives to escape your angry path in life, do not bib your horn and aim as close as you can get to the pedestrians legs just because you had to leave your million pound mansion early this morning in your jaguar to get to tesco's to buy flowers because you never treated your se x starved wife on valentines day,do not get angry with decent folk crossing the road, If you decide to flaunt these basic rules in life you agree to be treated to any or all of the following::

1)being dragged from the little quarter light window of your posh jaguar and smiled at as your £100 neck tie is tightened
2)A visit to the auto sprayers to remove the 12 foot scratch incured on the side of your car via my coat zip(or key)
3)A visit to the panel beaters to remove the diamond shaped dent in your drivers side door courtesy of Nike international
4)A trip to the auto glazers to re-install your new window(this may also include a trip to the hospital to remove little square chunks of glass from the side of your face
5) If you decide to hit someone with your car on purpose(you horrible mug) you agree to be hit by that person(providing he or she is well enough to after your savage road rage)
6)If you manage to escape the scene, be prepared for the back window to be visited by a flying pound coin and throwing lessons have been learnt from mr S.Yearwood. (Champion stone thrower)

Sly Stallone's Rambo

Saw the new Rambo film recently, i thought it was brilliant, never before have i enjoyed such violence but on another note, I think Sly Stalone is amazing and if you asked me which actor would i like to spend some hanging out time with it would be him. A really entertaining writer,director/all rounder, this rambo film he wrote is brilliant, i urge you to go and watch it,(if you dig those kind of films, to be honest i don't too much dig going for these types of films but stallone had me hooked and i thoughrally enjoyed it. it was like listening to the new stuff from the rolling stones, had the classic sound of back in the day but new and had me wondering 'why haven't i heard this before' thinking it was old but still had that timeless feel. Sly, you're the man, i love the film Paradise Alley that you wrote,directed and starred in and please don't even get me started on Rocky,
Now that i've sung his praises(and quite rightly so) I'd like to give you him my sincere apologies for the loss of his Son Sage and his sister.
I know it is something he will never get over and i spiritually send him my support

So so proud of my friends son shining through on his career, i remember going with his dad to watch him play matches as an 8-9 year old as his dad sure enough said to me ''merv, you watch, one day'' not only is it happening now,but he's playing for my team, west ham utd.
I'm so proud of him and very happy to hear he's coming out for his first first team match.
Ladies and gentlemen, look out for the player, Frazer Shaw, running out against Manchester united this week and Tottenham on the 22nd.

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's Frazer!

Title has no meaning

Is it all still going on? mistletoe and wine, funny that i've not seen one string of that mistletoe stuff this year, So nice to get all the family together during the festivities though
Hope you had a good one too.Unfortunatley i lost a close friend just days before xmas, He rescued my daughter Emily when she was lost at a festival last year and brought her to safety after she recognised him from meeting him about twice on the rare occasions she spends with me.
Speaking of rare sightings,at hove park this morning i saw about 30 people, men,women and children all strolling in the park together and all with the same breed of dog! 30 british bulldogs.
Someone's at my front door so i wont drag on anymore, catch ya soon....

Faith in Brighton

So folks it's happened again,a cemented reason why i love Brighton, yesterday my friend Miss 'C', in fact it's the first person i met when i moved down to brighton in pursuit to be a dad to my first born daughter Emily
(still a pursuit 7 years on!)
Anyway i met her one evening when i had just moved and was driving around Brighton on my own, having not met a soul yet, just taking it all in when i saw a queue of about 30 queuing up to get into some red building. My gut feeling told me to pull over and queue up which is exactly what i did.
In this queue i saw this bubbly young lass interacting with the line of people, being rather out there, anyway we got chatting (not in the romantic sense) and we've been friends ever since.
Well, what happened yesterday was me picking up miss 'C' as i wanted to go to argos for a xmas tree for my family so i kidnapped miss 'C' for the company as she had to pay some bills too so a perfect productive hour for us both.
(this story is becoming a bit long winded i know but here comes some more)
We went for the tree first, then to waitrose before taking miss 'C' to the bank....She came running out the bank saying ''I've lost my purse, is it in the car''?
No, it wasn't,,,quick i said,get in i'll drive to waitrose,getting there in 7 minutes she ran in where a member of staff told her ''yes someone found a purse in the car park and handed it in''!
The lady returned with her purse, intact with the £100 that was in there...Marvelous! I love Brighton, in fact i want to sing it's praises again in my song on this link, which is of coarse a true story, just click   HERE

Respect for all

Why oh why do our ''amercan friends'' insist on pronouncing muslims in their own way?? they all pronounce them as written ''Muzzlim'' and i believe they know all too well how it should be pronounced., what muslim says ''Muzzlim., none! t-rag-foot!

Dare to wear!

Saturday night in brighton tends to be the dressing up night,people seem to adorn all manner of clothing in their quest to immulate and stand out as a character the world should know, although in some cases some need to tell everyone who they are.I always seem to get invited to these parties at the last minute,the last one i went to at short notice took me 5 minutes to put the outfit together, i draped a load of black material that i had over my head and body then wrapped white rope around my neck across my shoulders and chest,around my stomach and hips stopping just above the knee so i could walk and that was it.dead body! but tonight on the way home through brighton with groups of people dressed up all down the road i notice a guy walking with his mate dressed up as jimmy saville! i couldn't believe what i was seeing at first but yeah,he had a blonde wig,track suit,gold jewelry,glasses and a massive cigar. he's a brave man coming out like that, talk about out to shock.

The power within

Whilst walking up the road early evening yesterday in the dark with the only light being the street lamps 2 boys of about 4 years old were walking the oposite direction towards me with their mother in tow some few yards behind them, as i was about 20 feet from the street lamp and the boys were about 10 feet away coming towards it from the other side the light went out throwing us all in darkness. ''Oi''shouted one of the boys as he pointed towards the outgoing and cooling lamp ''Oi, come back on'', as i approached him he said to other boy, ''I'm going to make it come back on and with that he shouted again ''Oi''walked over to the lamp, put his two hands on either side of it and looked up at it, at this moment with a quick flicker then a glow, the light came back on! Well done i shouted as i walked past them and then his laughing mother, too many harry potter books if you ask me. but brilliantly executed.

growing up backwards

As an actor,having gone to drama school but 20 years ago,you learn to observe people,their mannerisms,the way they walk,
human behaviour thus for the last 20 years has always facinated me.
It's something all of us are familiar with.
My latest observation is how small babies start their lives out being uber sensible, they sit there,or should i say lie there and are very grown up like in their sensibility,not laughing at your silly faces because they simply do not find them funny.listening intentively to what's happening all around them,very grown up like,then,
as they approach 2 years old they start acting silly.
They are likely to continue this silly acting throughout their lives,getting more ridiculous as they grow up, we know this as we as adults for at least laugh at their sillyness now.
I've always thought that we as adults have to act like kids to have fun and i stand by that so it's not a complaint.just a lovely observation.

Worth a pretty penny?

I've just been watching a council house programme where an old man was hoarding in his flat.
The council had to fix the heating and persuaded the man to let them dump all his gear.
The man found an jewelry box which he said is a broach that belonged to his mother as the  council women inspected it.
Whe she took up the broach, the little bit of quilt in the box lifted up and the old man said, ooh, there's something in it, there's a little photograph in it.
The women declared in a unimportant tone, ''It's just an old stamp'' the man said dissapointedly, oh.
I caught a glimps of this stamp, there was 2 in there,.one was a penny black and the other a penny red, i think they could be worth a few quid and i hope the woman told him so.


So while i was watching the basketball at the Olympics it dawned on me that it is possible to run around on the court for that amount of time,at probably the same cardiovascular pace as footballers,without gobbing (spitting) all over the place.
I found myself staring at them wondering,'are you not going to flob on the court'?
Perhaps if they did they would be able to celebrate their baskets the way footballers celebrate their goals,with a long power slide on the knees!

Team G'o'B

A change is coming

Are my eyes deceiving me or has a black man just come 2nd in the 50 metre freestyle final?


A good friend of mine booked a holiday to greece a couple of weeks ago to fly out tommorow.
''what a bargain this holiday is'',can't believe the price i got it for'' he told me last gearing up for
the flight Yesterday he thought he'd check his itenary to make sure he would be on time,only to discover that he booked the holiday for august 2013!
At least he has something to look forward to.

Happy holidays!


Ok so i've just seen a first for me in the Olympics,a black girl on the asymmetric bars.would have been even nicer if she was for the brits.
What about the chinese badminton game! deliberately hitting the shutter cock into the net to lose points on purpose? well that's a memorable moment right there. felt rather proud of Zara phillips on the old gee gee, I've always had a soft spot for her and it was really nice to see her in the Olympics and beautiful to see her get her medal from her old girl.
Kisses for you zara. All these Olympics makes me want to start stretching!
Actually i quite fancy getting a bunch of medals and a few friends and having our own Olympics on the hove lawns.
The egg and spoon race and the 3 legged race should produce an Olympic record and of coarse we'll have the 100 metres pelt, all this over a glass of pimms to warm up with,families of coarse are welcome with the babies blind run event sure to produce the odd future Olympian.
lastly would have to be the 3 dry jacobs cream cracker event where we would try and eat 3 dry crackers in the least time..
Right that's it, early night for me, talk soon


After watching Richard Bacon and Collin Jackson present the wonderful programme documenting the 100 most amazing moments of the Olympics i became an anticipator of the games, what a cracking show that was and i refused to go home untill i saw who was voted to be the number one most amazing moment and it did not dissapoint as the greatest,the boxing legend, Ali was voted for his lighting of the tourch on it's last outing.or should i say lighting.
It made me look forward to seeing more memorable moments.
The sword fencer cheater was hillarious!, pure comedy. If it pops up againg make sure you watch it
At the birthday bash of a friend on hove lawns the question was asked what Olympian would one be?
i blurted out boxing for one reason or another but after watching an event today i have changed my mind.
The pommel horse. That's my choice now, great strengh,great balance.
Savour those Olympic moments as they really will be some amazing moments over the next couple of weeks.

I'd like to see Usain Bolt having a bash at the 100 metre front crawl swim.


So after a year in the making and production and the waiting an apearance from me on tv is looming tonight. Don't be alarmed folks as it will not be screened in England, Martin and his crew visited me in brighton to film me engaging in my art and music on the beach last year culminating with some chat about the wonderful place of Brighton, lets hope i do us proud and increase the tourism few fold.

Arte tv is the station, like i say it's not broadcast here but in Italy,Spain,nederlands,Austria,France,and a few more places i will not mention.

Only question is, will everyone be watching the Olympic opening instead?

ARTE  TV 7.30

Come rain come shine

And though all the rain is falling from the great sky, it's nice to still see all the happy faces of Brighton, we even stop for a chat in the rain down here!

Drink up!



So it is, 4th of july. this day is special to me because it was the day my daughter was born. 7 years old today she is.
Happy birthday Emily. I wanted to say that to her face today, even on skype for that's where i'm on now hoping that her mother will let me speak to her on Emily's special day, fat chance but i am here at my allocated time in the internet cafe waiting for a glimps of my little girl.

don't it make you laugh?

Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to all you dads out there, in particular I'd like to wish all those dads whose kids are being kept away from them by their mothers, hope you have a nice day. Be strong, hold on and fight on.

Merv the Daddy!

Right place right time

I popped into a vegetarian cafe today for a bite to eat,whilst standing in the queue gawping at all the food on offer i heard someone in the back of the restaurant shout 'Help me'! i looked to see a woman worried about her elderly husband who had flopped back in his seat having had a stroke, i went to the gentleman's aid while the ambulance was being called who was droopy and unconsious. I immediately began to perform reflexology on the man while waiting for the ambulance to arrive paying particular to the nervous system/brain reflex etc etc after about 7 minutes of treatment he jerked his foot and began to cough before throwing up and declaring 'i'm alright',of coarse the ambulance guys took him to the hospital and i hope he makes a full recovery.

Who do they take us for?!!

So 2 years ago they found an mi6 informer in a padlocked bag in his flat. i could not believe them taking 8 days to come to the conclusion that he was probably killed.
Harry houdini couldn't pull that one off, padlocking a bag from the inside, then i saw someone trying to simulate what he might have done, then some bloke announces that he tried 100's of times to padlock himself in a bag but he couldn't do it..perlease! i'm ill today and even more ill after hearing this tripe.

He's cracked it!

I do not and have not continued to watch Jeremy Kyle for a number of years now.
Since then i have watched the public hate campaign against the showman commence with great gusto, that is until this very moment because as i write i am watching Jeremy Kyle USA! yes folks,you read right,the man has cracked the states, who would have thought eh,
so to all the people who thought he would not survive the onslaught,''In your face''!
He's being a bully on his show at the moment,quite shocking to watch,so if this is the kind of abuse the public want, Sod em!
You'd probably find he's a nice guy
if you knew him. go JK, don't forget you can put a lot back into the british arts and it's performers with your growing power

Take your pick!

I was on the 49 bus this morning, all bright and new & as i was standing by the door waiting for the bus to stop i noticed a sign with some diagrams that read ''For your comfort and safety'' No alcohol' 'No smoking' 'No smelly food' No loud music' 'No putting feet on seats'...What could be more comfortable than being able to sit on a bus with your feet up, something lovely to eat washed down with a cool beer while listening to your favourite album and a nice fag after you've eaten? I can just see the officials getting on the busand saying ''right folks, thanks for traveling with us today, our main aim is to make sure your all comfortable so if you would please put your food away and take your feet off the seats we can make a start on getting comfortable, if you would also put your fags out and tip away your beer oh and can someone turn the music off, thats better, now is everyone comfortable?''  Another bus script i read, written on the back of a bus was..''A years travel on the bus for the price of car insurance! now this is suppose to get us out of our cars and onto the buses, Why would you not prefer to pay the same for your car for the privelege of driving where you want, at what time you want,(eating what you want) and as for the music..well we've all heard the sounds you can get from cars, maybe if they said ''one years bus travel for the price of road tax! people would be tempted.

Happiness is

Even though this is probably not interesting to you, i just wanna mention that happiness is pushing your kid on the swings in the park for the first time.,fatherhood rocks! happy kid, happy dad.

Wot no weed?

I know this sounds suprising that i should even feel this way but i was taken aback to read that Paul McArtney smoked mowi wowi! Ok well there was the 60's movement and all the weed smoking enhanced the spread of peace and love amongst America's and England's emerging generation and indeed many other countries during that time but we don't hear much about their peace and loving 60's .
When your hanging out with the likes of the rolling stones & jimi hendrix during that time to name just two, it's hard to imagine them in a party and not passing the joint around. even as a non smoker i'm sure i would have tried it if Jimi hendrix was passing me one.not to say that Jimi influenced paul.
I do know that a label is put on people who do smoke with comments like lazy,slow,unsavoury and generally being looked down apon and everyone is entitled to their own opinion (as long as it is theirs) so its interesting to think what the people who put pot smokers down might be thinking about someone his age who has a knighthood, worked with the best orchestras in the world and widely respected all over the world to say he's never stopped smoking joints.
I watched a beatle documentary last night and i'm pleased that they took the time to film themselves in the studio and just hanging out,great footage.
It's written that Paul has given up because of his 8 year old daughter (how time flies) she may well start to smoke herself when she's older when as she learns that her dad approved it.Lets hope she does not take any drugs the youth of today just twice her age take,
I'm sure he will talk to her about herbs and about the dangers of moving from herbs to hard drugs.

First class

One thing i've noticed about the wonderful postmen we have in this country is that they appear to not feel the cold!
Time & time again and whatever the weather, be it snow, biting cold windy mornings, december and january stay in days,
you could always find a postman out on his round wearing a short sleeved shirt with shorts on!
How do you do it guys? i mean c'mon what's the secret? you could save me a fortune in heating bills.
Do you go home with the heating off and the fridge door open to make you feel comfortable?

Don't get me wrong i am impressed but you make me shudder.
Are you all such good workers that you do your job so quickly so the blood is pumping? are you inspired by the two words, ''job & knock''?
Well whatever it is i think you guys are great, just bring me some more good news please, perhaps a couple of cheques would be nice, i've already done the ground work.
So to all post men & women out there(if you girls ever feel left out by the singular mention of men, i say men refering to both sexes as there are men and the word men in wo'men')  i salute you.
But I don't think i've ever seen a lady post'man wearing shorts in the mid bleak winter!
Right it's saturday morning 1am and i guess i'm bound for bed now,
where it's warm!

The latest ipad

Street Busker

On the way to the library today as nice and as sunny as it was, i was strolling up gardener street when i came across a busker playing boogie woogie stuff outside infinityfoods, now this busker was a bit different as he was playing a piano! he had dragged an upright piano down the road on a trolly contraption thingy with wheels you could see all the gubbings of the piano in motion so i stopped to listen for a while.
When the song finished i got the urge to have a go and he kindly obliged and let me play.
I went into playing the merversion of the wind cries mary by jimi hendrix and then thought, oh why not sing the words too so off i went after the intro, singing away the whole song in the street on an old piano.I did enjoy myself and i even earnt some money for the guy from an appreciative passer by.  Rock and Roll eh!  I love Brighton.



I went to visit an old friend yesterday who i haven't seen for some time, as i approached him standing on the corner he started to chuckle and as soon as i opened my car door for him he said ''what happened to your car''? Now, let me tell you folks i do have an old car, about 22 years old to be precise, i've had it for coming up to 7 years now and yes it does have some rust spots here and there (not everywhere) and part bumper missing.
He was the second person to tell me that day that the car was falling apart and that i need a new one but i just cant part with her.I like the rarerity of it and it is a convertible,sometimes i do feel like columbo in it but i love it all the same.
It's an old saab 900 turbo that i drive and further more, despite ''falling apart'' bodywise, the engine still runs like a dream so it's a good car in my eyes. In fact i'd rather have my old saab then one of the new fancy ones we all see on a daily basis and maybe one day i will get the chance to restore it to its former glory.
the heaters work and the stereo works, although it does cut out when i hit the brakes but i think that has something to do with the lack of an earthing ariel, it's on my to do list.
A good strong car that technically belongs to the government, i only pay for it for i am merely the ''registered keeper''
So next time they clamp your car, tow it away, or crush it ask yourself this 'is it really my car''? then go home & get your registration document and examine your relation to it, then you might notice the small print under your ''registered keeper'' name to realise, is it worth spending so much money on a car that does not quite belong to you.

Happy motoring

broom broom!

Let there be love

Someone came up to say hi to me yesterday and complained about how cold it was! now i mean c'mon, i've said it before how this must be one of the warmest winters we've had. no complaints from me weather wise. i had a lovely stroll into town with my gorgeous baby son yesterday who was in fine singing form doing his pavarotti impression which was so loud that he nearly got signed up. lovely day.
There's no other place in England i can think of that i would want to live, really loving brighton with all the lovely people here,from  the fantastic inteligent and loving hippies who live in their buses and vans to the amazing brighton and hove council. Love to all. you all have shown so much love to me and i want you to know how i appreciate you while i seek to find what i can do for you guys.
Anyway better go, there's a nappy to change.

Have fun

Merv  x

Child benefit

So david cameron wants to scrap child benefit for high earners and i cant believe the people on tv saying its unfair and it's a catastrofy. to say that if you earn 43,000 a year you will have to stop getting paid this benefit,. too right n'all i say. how can you want child benefit if your earning that much money?
I just think its fair that child benefit should go to people who earn very little and so i find myself in aggreeance with this announcment.

we all need food and a roof over our heads



Hi, i hope you've all had a good start to the new year and celebrated the turn over in style, had a good start, i hàve eaten so much food i've put on weight for the first time in a long time weighing in at a healthy 11 stone,(thats welter weight to all you boxers out there) i received lovely presents so thank you to my wonderful friends and family for those, I do however like i expect we all do, get more pleasure out of giving presents than receiving them

I remember just a few years ago when i would be at a club or bar dancing away till the stroke of midnight before i would be besieged by a bevvy of beautiful women demanding that new years kiss which of coarse i would happily oblige, this year my highlight was kissing my beautiful baby son as he slept deeply at the stroke of midnight,

I'm yet to see my lovely 6 year old daughter Emily to give her presents that i bought her   for xmas but if you listen to my song   in the music section of my site   "song for emily"   you will know why i haven't seen her yet (funny mummy) double booo! I hope to paint some lovely portraits for you guys this year so if you have a birthday celebration for someone, or indeed you just want to treat someone to a   personal family portrait, please do not hesitate to get in contact and put me to work, You,ll need to just send me the photograph via my email, let me know the size you require and i,ll send you the quote,   you,ll be very happy with the 2012 prices and extatic with the portrait i will paint for you, Take care everyone and this year make it your mission to make a new friend,

Love to   almost all   (i,ve only left out 1 person,,guess who)  



Was up in london a couple of days ago but rushed straight to the hospital on my arrival after a family member was taken in. it was a new hospital in whitechapel thats apparently the size of 3 football pitches! there i was in this brand new hospital that only opened 5 days ago, everything white and clean, no marks on the walls,lovely new equipment.

was quite amusing seeing the doctors walking around without a clue where they were, they were turning corners then doubling back as they had just walked into a dead end cubical. standing at cross corridor junctions trying to decide which way they would go by pointing in all 4 directions before darting off in one,bit like abbott and costello and quite funny to see.

Anyway not ideal to be couped up in hospital on xmas day,so get well soon.

Have a wonderful 2012 guys and remember to shop local.

Yuletide greetings! 


Wow what happened there? i turned on the tv to check forecast in my busy saturday,
no time for dilly dallying and what did i do? catch the beginning of the film 'splash' with tom hanks and Daryl Hannah
well that was it eh, i got sucked in for an hour and a half but i enjoyed it.
Back to work i guess.
As a xmas treat there's up to 70% off selected paintings, just email or telephone me your selection to be quoted the price, you don't want to miss these prices.

Phone number on the home page

All the best


The 12th day of christmas

I chose this day to write this blog as traditionally we put the trees up and start to get into the spirit on the 12th
I would like to thank all customers who have purchased one or more of my paintings over the last year and wish you all a merry Xmas.
I would also like to say a special merry Xmas to all the fathers who do not get to see their offspring because the mothers do not like them anymore,
(right there is where the kids get punished)
the mother cannot look in your child's eyes without seeing you which makes it worse for the child & easier for them to keep them away (how sad is that?)
So many children lose all contact with their fathers and i feel for you all. Xmas is always a sad time for you guys because i know that you just want your kids to see you but don't let it drive you crazy.stiff upper lip! keep fighting
They say you can't help who you love and these fathers can't be there to help their kids
who they simply just love.

Where's the justice eh????


Leah and Noodles.

So good to see my friends Leah and Noodles this week, been sooo long, was shorter than what i would have liked but good to see you guys and looking so well. Leah is a fabulous artist with some wonderful songs, If she was not my friend i would still be a lifelong fan of her work.
I can't wait for you to feast your ears onto why i'm smiling as i type this to you
, ATTENTION! These videos come with a warning of side effects to humans and should not be listened to if  you do not want to suffer from the following symptoms:

1) Goosebumps

2) Spinal shudders
3) Rewind syndrome

Because of these side effects i am only allowed to put one video up, please click this
:Watch now: and then you will have to find her to watch more but i will help you with that, LEAH MASON


Crusty chip roll

I went back to my school days today by buying a crusty loaf, cutting a generous chunk off the end, ripping out the soft dough in the middle, a slap of butter in the crust and filling it up with chips, lush!
who used to do that at school?

gotta be better than deep fried battered mars bars?

Weather change?

Not a bad winter so far eh folks. there's snow in derby i hear but the weather is bright still here, a little chilly but better than this time last year.
don't forget your anti freeze, thanks for all ya emails, some very touching and got me quite emotional but i've taken down my last blog because of a third party, one of the most important people to me.sorry about that. been working hard on the paintings of lately with exciting new projects in the pipeline.

''If your chilled, how hard can it be?''

Dragens den.

Hi guys, this is in my opinion first class tv viewing, not much else to say really but if you like dragons den or the apprentice then you'll love this   ''Dragons den''

Jimi Hendrix

September has come and gone and i'm sad to say that i missed the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's passing.
An 18 year old lad came into my gallery earlier this year and didn't know who the 9 foot mural on the floor of jimi was, not because it was not a good mural as i had to tell him it was Jimi Hendrix and he still didn't know who he was!
That's when i decided that something has to be done to preserve the story of the greatest guitarist that ever lived.
I urge all you young parents to play the haunting sounds of Jimi so that your kids and your grand kids will know who he was.

Here's a nice documentary of the great man for you and your kids to watch, a man who inspired my artwork as he was the first painting i did on canvas and sold to an american buyer in columbus, hence the 9 foot mural on my gallery floor.
My 6 year old daughter can recognise his music and knows about him and you can be sure all other children of mine will know the same. Jimi i salute you and worship your music.

Jimi documentary

A close shave

While having a shave this morning it suddenly dawned on me that i have been using the same electric shaver for nearly 25 years.
The same old yellow remington that's traveled to far flung places of the world with me,from thailand to sweden and the meditaranian countries since i was 20 years old.

This shaver has seen me through many wonderful girlfriends including the honorable Heidi sellassie,the fantastic fran, heavenly helena and luscious lucia, all of whom would remember my yellow member. (Hi girls, much love x) also lasted through 6 cars i've owned,
It has been dropped, submerged in water, kicked across the bathroom floor and still to this day remains the little buzzer it has always been.
Got me thinking of other electrical gadgets i've had for a while including a 15 year old colour portable tv i have which was bought for me by another one of my lovely ex's
 (yes Miss Button i still have it)

Tell ya what, if your thinking of not buying your other half one of my paintings for xmas and buying him a shaver instead, you wouldn't go wrong in buying him a remington DF,56 but to be honest i think they may well be extinct now but buy remington, good shavers.

See you at my next blog meeting

To kill them all!

So it's that time of the year again, no not bonfire night but Guy fawkes night.Now, MP's have voted to place a plaque on the houses of lords to ''mark the spot'' where it all began.
For our foreign friends who do not have such a celebration in their home town and indeed some of our home grown let me explain to you why we brits celebrate guy fawkes night.This guy Guy, was beneath the house of lords guarding some explosive gunpowder which was to be used to blow the place up, this was in 1605 but because someone lollied him up he was nabbed in the early hours, probably while he slept next to the gunpowder.
His time was up and back then the punishment was to be hung,drawn and quartered, not a very nice way to go. Though they never got him that way because he broke his neck by jumping off his death table before he was to be tortured so.

So 400 years on, we celebrate someone nearly blowing up our MP's without fail every year. get the kids involved too,,yay we nearly killed em, wave that sparkler around to show how close we were. A bit like celebrating the grand hotel bombing to kill maggie thatcher in the early 80's.

quite funny how the MP's now want to put this plaque up. well its been said more than once that time is a great healer and after 400 years,,,well lets make it a joyful occasion why not. give david cameron a banger to light.

Stay safe

Music Video

Scary halloween to ya but i hope  you've had a nice day,.exciting from my end as i was filming an appearance in the next music video for sporty spice, or Mel C as i should say, and filming was in my gallery so didn't have to go far for it either.
Initially they wanted my daughter Emily to appear in it with me but alas she could not make it

Filming went well and i cant wait to see the final cut.  Right then, dinner time and im having pumpkin soup!
and beer of coarse.

the ghouls are everywhere!

Best time to visit dentist

I booked a dentist appointment next week and as i spoke to the receptionist to arrange it she said "there's 2 slots, you can come at 2.30 or... well i don't think i even gave her a chance to tell me what other time was avaliable, I just had to have 2.30 as the most classic time to visit a dentist.

Keep smilling

Bike burglar!

I was led to believe it was my fault, my fault that i didn't lock my bike up, or so the guy said when i chased him up the road and wrenched my bike from his grasp,
 "you shouldn't leave it outside a shop" he proclaimed,
20 years ago i would have done a lot more than wrench it from him and tell him that his Karma is going to come and bite him in his....well to be honest i didn't even want that for him because i got my bike back,,soft or sensible?

Still enjoying the sun i see, seems people are beginning to get frightend of the cold weather, its only winter folks, surley we're all used to it by now, already october and look at today, before we know it christmas will be over and we'll be springing into march

Freedom of information

Hi, i do not like the way people are made to feel worried about the alleged debt this country is in. we are constantly bombarded with the notion that England is borrowing quarter of a million a minute and that the interest incurred is a million pound alone, this allegedly is why there are these cuts to the good of all people.
While listening to question time i wanted to be transported into the audience to ask this question...
This 250,000 you say is being borrowed every minute and under the "freedom of information"
how much does the government collect in one week in taxes throughout the UK?
reflecting on a below guesstimate population of 50,000,000 and with 2 million unemployed.. just a thought.

Not to go on too much

I dont want to keep harking on about my raffles otherwise you'll surly get bored and abandon my blogs for boredom, so for a final time the raffle is continuing today where you can win a painting of your choice! draw is tonight at 5.30 pm. come to my gallery from midday to buy your 1 pound ticket and dont forget, once you've bought your ticket keep hold of it as it entitles you to 10% off all futre buys.

good luck and see ya later


much a do about.....

Not much to report tonight as i'm in a rush to get somewhere but congratulations to caroline who won todays raffle.

it rolled over from yesterday because i only sold 12 tickets.

dont forget you can enter my one day raffle(that may get rolled over to the next day) any time your passing my gallery.

caroline chose a bob marley painting. Hope to see you soon



Ticket number 32

Congratulations to Robbo who won toddays one day raffle, the prize as always is a painting of your choice. 42 tickets were sold and the winner chose my A4 portrait of muhammed Ali.

As this proved popular i will be repeating the draw again on monday so if your in brighton, pop over and get your self a raffle ticket.

Be part of brightons famous ond day raffle.




So its all kicking off across london and other parts of the uk over the last 3 days which indeed was sparked off with the shooting of Mark Duggan which still is to be investigated.

The police say that there is simply not enough of them, maybe if there was more this could have been calmed down quicker but unfortunately the prime minister has made massive cuts to the "force" and across many of the services and there will be a reaction to every action.

The bare bones of it is that if the police did not shoot Mr Duggan dead, this riot may not have started 3 days ago.
It reminded me of when supermarkets first burst onto the scene they promoted them by giving away free 2 minute shopping grabs where people ran riot in the isles grabbing whatever they could put in their baskets, no one stopped them as the most calm of people sped around red eyed grabbing their loot,

I do feel sorry for the independent shop owners and families who where already suffering from these cuts,
true to say the that these cuts are building tension amongst the nation with cuts right across the sector and people are angry and broke and desperate so the chance of grabbing something of value out of a broken shop window when no-one is about to stop them is hard for them to resist ("i can resist everything but temptation",oscar wilde)

For years countries have gone into other territories taking what it wants, England and america went into Iraq it is believed to relieve it of its oil, they bombed innocent people including children, including even themselves for that matter but of coarse the americans would say that it was a response for the 911 attacks.
did England go into iraq to bomb it because of the bombs in Russell square? were the families of these victims in agreement with the attack, also killing innocent people?

Was that a good excuse to stage a tit for tat all out attack?
On comparison it is in reminiscence of what the government done
England went into Iraq to get the oil::youths went onto the streets to get the goods
America would not argue that their invasion was not a response to the 911 "attack":: The youths of london would not argue that their invasion on the streets was not a response to the killing of Mark Duggan.but perhaps they would also not argue that its not a response to taking what they want to survive.

I'm Happy that no-one has died in all of this,(besides Mark Duggan) it has been material goods that have suffered and human life is more important lets not forget that, unlike what has happened in Iraq.

Where do you think the blame lies?

Have a safe day


Now you see it...

Sitting up late the other night untill my eyes was almost shut i eventually decided to turn in to bed, it was 2.30ish am and as i done my tired frankenstein walk to the bedroom, i went straight over to draw the curtains before i turned the light on. Right at that precise moment that i looked up and out the window as i grabbed the curtains i saw a meteor shoot across the sky with flames trailing behind it.
well they say you should make a wish at that moment and i did, i actually had 2 wishes, the first i wont tell you but i did also wish that someone else saw this meteor flying across the sky. it actually is the second meteor i've seen in 3 days and the other rare sighting,or should i say lack of,is the strange fact that i have not seen the moon now for 10 days,
not for lack of anything nocturnally, i just have not seen it, i've searched up there but least the sun was shining bright today.

get your summer fun!


I picked up a cheese burger from churchill square and had my bike with me so im walking along with burger in one hand and bike in de other, so tricky and so hungry i decided to stop outside a corner shop to eat it.

The corner shop was bank santander and i leant my bike up against the wall of it and leant myself against the bike, proceeding to munch away as i watched the people pass by.

When i had done with it and was chewing the last mouthfull i looked to the left for a bin to put the box in, none! i looked to the right for one..nito! I looked behind me down the side road as i was right on the corner..binless! as i turned to the left agin to make a move untill i saw a bin i heard a beeping sound, then clink clank as buzzers sounded and the doors of the bank locked in unison, as i walked off it was pretty obvious to me that they thought i was about to rob the bank! police car then slowly passing me as i done my bit for society and dropped the polystyrene box in the next available bin. Now i appologize for scaring you bank people as it must have been scary for you guys to see me standing outside the bank door, i can only imagine the scene inside as i mopped up the tomato ketchup from the carton. It might have went something like this....

"That guy out there is getting his bike ready for the getaway, oh my gosh he is going for the gun! no its a burger."he might have a gun in that burger box" "do they make guns that small to fit in burger boxes? " i dont know but im not taking any chances, "do something quick.." no wait, it is a burger, what is he doing with it? " i think he is eating it" "i dont like the look of this, he is too casual looking for me. "he is going to eat his burger before he robs us! what shall we do? "he is looking around to make sure the coast is clear,quick,lock all the doors! call the police, tell them he is about to strike!

If that burger was a half pounder instead of a quarter pounder i would have been there longer and therefore might have been shot by police marksmen as in that classic tale of mistaken identity.

Amy Winehouse

So sad, so tragic, so soon, ive been playing my tribute to Amy on my piano today and will have a new painting of the late lady shortly,

Comforting vibes out to her father mitch and all those close to her.

god bless ya Amy, rest in peace, and make music with Jimi hendrix,james brown,bob marley,etc etc etc........

Pavillion Gardens Buskers

Closing the gallery after a long hot day at the beach i walked to my car just off bond street and decided to take the route through pavillion gardens.
The sun was shining still and everyone was in the park snacking on the grass, not snacking as in eating the grass i mean just sitting on it, eating their late lunches, they were all being entertained by buskers who had the whole sha'bang there, drum kit, bass player, guitarist , they were just about building down the song they were performing, as i got there it sounded first if you can imagine a kind of radio head slow build down, nothing spectacular but sounded ok,there were a few families dotted around amongst the people and the slight tapping of the high hat was ringing down to a slow bass line and then the guitarist closed the final sound with a,ppppling, pling plong then it was over!i didn't notice a thing until i heard from behind me, the guitarist "whisper" in the mic
"Ah F***!.  With that remark they received no applause at all and then he made it worst by looking to his band mates and again saying (in the mic)"I F***** it up didn't i? the look on their faces as they all turned away in unison while mumbling to agree, in embarrassment "yeah, mmh".

Nice one,you f***** it up the second you said that. remember next time that the audiences don't always pick up on your f*** ups, and spare everyone the embarrassment by not criticizing your performance in front of the mic so everyone can hear, what are you rodney? 

Right place right time!

On attending a legal meeting yesterday i parked my car in the hanover region of brighton in a street that was basically a movie set with cameras and actors littering the street, I was in this meeting when my phone rang, it was the director asking if i was the owner of the beautiful black saab 900 and could i move it because it is in his shot. I explained to him exactly where i was and what i was up to and he told me, ok fine, do you think you'll be an hour?

I told him that i dont know but should be. I eventually returned 3 and half hours later to see the filming still going on.

My first instinct was to leave the car there as it has my website emblazoned across the door so i thought great! free advertising but alas i decided to drive home in it and getting in my car i was informed by an actor that they were shooting a tv commercial for lucozade. i have my fingers crossed that i get my website advertised everytime it comes on.

The advert to look out for is one where some guys are presumably riding down the road on pimped bikes with speakers on them and a band playing drums attatched to a bike with guitarists and such.

Look out for my beautiful black saab with on the door!

Earlier filming was done on brighton beach a few days ago when a film crew visited me to film me performing my song "I Love Brighton" for a documentry about brighton to be aired in portugal,nederlands,switzerland etc.

Loads of fun to do it and culmonating in an interview to let the people know what many of us feel about brighton.

To listen to my Brighton song and watch the music video for it click HERE .

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Emily who's now 6

On your marks!

Well its that time of the year again, no i'm not talking about summer but an event that it brings with it here in Brighton.
Yes folks its the naked bike ride through the streets of the old town.
I was reminded about this by a flyer that was wedged on my bike as i unlocked it from a lamp post i have made friends with.It reads "celebrating bikes and bodies,demonstrating cyclist vulnerability and protesting against car culture, 
(Leave your comments and reasons bottom right hand corner of this blog)
At least it appears that the council are doing their bit, i got my (brand new)bike from them! they knocked on my door and over 100 others asking me if i would like a bike! i met them at the bike shop and they bought me one! first brand new bike i've ever had. I remember back in the 70's my mum bought my brother a brand new chopper bike, it had a tiny split in the seat and my brother complained about it so my mum took it back and came home with a digital watch for him instead. that must have been my earliest,first memory of someone being done over.Quite trendy now those push button red numeral digital watches that shone on for just a few seconds after pressing them, i think they sell for 100 pounds on ebay,I think i want one.
Anyhow i've got to watch the time now so i'm off,. see ya.

Naked bike ride Sunday 12th june at noon, meeting at the level, Brighton

Online Shop 6th may 2011

Hi guys, my online shop is undergoing reconstruction and will be returning shortly. When it is back, all available paintings will be open to buy. all original so if you see it and you want it, buy it before someone else does so you wont miss that chance of having that unique one off painting.
New paintings include liam gallagher, blondie,. janis joplin, snoop dogg, phil lynott, diana ross and more!

Long Time Gone.

Hi guys how are ya's? its been ages since i wrote to you with any shinanigans or thoughts, been so busy and any time i've had an event of the day which is well worth blogging about, i'm never in front of the computer and of coarse by the next day, the moment has passed so i don't get on and write about it. Today again i have to rush off so there's nothing exciting to write about today. I'm just touching base and to let you know that i'm thinking about you and will no doubt have a story to tell you when i do.
Enjoy the sun today and get yourself down to brighton, you know where i am.

peace.  Merv

25th Aprill 2011 ..


May his soul rest in peace

I saw a man die today outside my gallery. It was a drowning in the sea, 2 of his dogs had jumped into the sea for a swim when the sea was rather rough and his dogs got into trouble, he managed to go to the edge of the groyne and save one of the dogs but as he was trying to rescue the other one, a big wave bashed him against the rocks and dragged him out to sea, for half an hour the helicopter coastguard was searching for him as was the life boat dingy going round and round looking close to the brighton pier, i was even searching using my binoculars,
I eventually saw the life boat guys lean into the water and pull out the poor guy from the water who was by this stage dead.
I have felt a bit somber all day while i contemplated closing for the shop, he was just out on a stroll with his daughter and 2 dogs and now he is not alive because he tried to save his dog, he did save one of his dogs and the other died with him that was not found , as a warning to all dog lovers please don't go in after your dog if the water is bad or your not a strong swimmer.
The same as when your driving, if an animal runs in front of you just hold the steering wheel tight and go straight on, better the animal dies than you die trying to save it, don't swerv and hit a tree for a fox or cat/dog,
my heart goes out to the guy and his family and i conducted a little palo santo burning ceremony on the beach for him after the helicopter took his body away.

I'd also like to pay my respect to mr Gary Mason who was killed while riding his bike, my condolences
to his family.


Hands up Who's Seen a Ghost.

Well i had my turn last night, i was fast asleep when i heard this loud thud on my table, i ignored it as i didn't want to disturb my sleep but it happened again, i struggled to come out of my sleep whe i slightly opened my eyes to see a figure of a man with raggy clothes shuffling across my room breathing heavily. i watched for a few seconds and then asked "who are you"? as soon as i said "who a' he shot off out the door.
I then woke up properly after that and busting to visit the bathroom. i got up and put every light on in my flat before i went, checking a couple of cupboards on the way. Standing in front of the toilet pan i looked over my shoulder as i did what i had to do but had no trouble falling asleep after that.
They say that a ghost will not visit you if you are scared so that's why i feel i've not been visited as an adult.

As a child i saw ghosts quite regular walking past my kitchen window, when i started to get scared i never saw it again, so this was my strategy to seeing this ghost, "don't be scared" I 'm like this because i would like my mum to visit me but not sure if i won't scream "help me"! . that would never do, if i ever meet him again i shall sit there in dead silence as not to frighten him away, I'm typing that but i'm thinking i'd be scared stiff, too numb to say anything or run to the hills.

Would be nice (i think) to see my mother, well i definitely want to anyway, i did hear her breathing heavily once in my babies mother's flat when i was moving my stuff out, that was incredible, she definatley was there with me but sounded angry, even though i only heard her breathing, i was first convinced that someone was hiding in there somewhere but no-one found.
So i hope i didn't freak you out too much, or made you think that there's something wrong with me but i've seen a ghost!

Sleep tight



Merry New year!

Happy Christmas to one and all.Hope you all have a wonderful time with your family and friends,
This will be the first xmas that i have not been with any of my family, i am having dinner with friends that i love which i am very much looking forward to.

It has to be noted that the year has been another happy one for me,my friends have been absolutely brilliant and as always,
I'm here if you ever need me to help get you through anything.Also my wonderful gorgeous girlfriend who is the perfect woman for me, in fact the way she is would be perfect for any man.she keeps me as happy as i am.I once overheard an elderly gentleman describing what he saw as a "good woman" to a slightly younger man and when he finished i thought,"that's my girlfriend he's describing there, truly an amazing woman.
Right,must open up my gallery for the last minute shoppers!
the main shopping centre is quite busy this time of the year as you can imagine so lets see if there are any beach combers coming my way, as you see in the picture my gallery is very tucked away on the beach which is too cold for most to venture but if you fancy coming down, there's hot chocolate and music and you might even find that perfect xmas pressie!
Oh doo, is that the time!

50% Off meter x metre Paintings!

Well folks, tomorrow friday (today)i'm having a 50% off sale for metere by metre paintings including mick jagger, audrey hepburn, keef richards, snoop dogg scarface and many more. down to a budget saving 240 pounds each .

get in touch, come to the gallery or call me to secure yours. 07984 549 334

Happy shopping


Rescued from a riot!

Well it was all kicking off here in Brighton tonight, started off with a helicopter this afternoon which was joined with another, my mate took a little ride into town to see what was going on and he couldn't believe what he saw, bottles and bricks being hurled at the police while rioting was going on in the city center.

It was getting near closing time and I started bringing my outside portraits in and just chilling in my gallery when i heard lots of footsteps running above me.

I then heard masses of people running down the stairs and shouting outside my shop, i went out to investigate where i saw balaclavard mouthed youths with sticks running ammock on the stairs and beach.
I took swift drastic action and closed myself in the gallery with the shutters.
I opened the doors and windows and listened to the shouting through the shutters,hearing stones being thrown against the them, shouting and police dogs barking with the helicopters above, i decided it best to remain in my shop all closed off but yet so close to all the action outside.

An hour passes and i'm now worried about my girlfriend who finishes work in half hour and has to walk out into
it/ I text her frantically saying "don't go out" danger! rioting outside. then i lost reception and could call no more.
Now her shop is 5 minutes away from mine so i knew she would be in the thick of it, last time i heard from her she was saying she was leaving work. my pal and me remained in the gallery until it was safe.

All of a sudden i heard my girlfriend banging on the shutter shouting "let me in" i had a vision of her sliding down the outside of the shutter after being stoned at the door so i rapidly opened up the shutter to rescue her and she looked at me and said "c'mon what are you doing? lets go" i shut the shutter behind her and said are you crazy, there's a riot out there! she said "i don't give a hoot"!c'mon lets go (well she didn't say hoot but i gotta keep my blogs clean) i turned the light off and slowly opened the shutter to reveal 10 policemen with dogs outside my shop.
I locked up and we walked off. It was not as bad as it all sounded, especially with not being able to see anything.we laughed hard on the way home saying we were saved by my girlfriend!


Open Houses

It's that time of the year when the artists of Brighton open up their doors for the
 Brighton open houses again.
Too late for my inclusion in the magazine but my friend and fellow artist next door to me Annie is hot on the trail, so while you are following your trail to her studio/gallery, do pop in to see my little display. i can't promise you mulled whine but i'm sure you can down Annies!


Hi y'all,
I've got a nice little free competition starting soon so keep in touch to be involved

Listen to yourself

The thinking body is smarter than you think,undoubted


Winners Photo

Big up to Niall from Ireland who collected his signed portrait of Jay Kay on friday.
Well done Niall you deserved it.


Official Opening

The official opening of my new gallery is this saturday 25th. all welcome. get to brighton pier and walk dow stairs to the left/ 5- 8  see you there. on the beach between brighton pier and the sea life centre

Mods & Rockers, ace cafe reunion

So it was that time of the year again, The mods and rockers was in town with parkers and leathers all abound to celebrate the Ace cafe reunion.
The film Quadrophenia as we know was filmed here in Brighton and the cafe which was used for the big fight scene is right next to my gallery.I opened up on sunday morning to the roars and the pops of all the bike streaming into brighton along the beach front and decided to run a helmet and leathers service, storing them in my gallery so popped in to the cafe to get my morning tea(which was free from the owner, thanks trev') and while i was in there,queuing up behind me was 8 Mods waiting to order their brekkie, i turned to them and said, "hey guys!i'm storing a helmet and leathers service in my gallery just next door" Well, they looked at me as if i was eating a smelly sock and said "Leathers!how dare you. I felt so daft after thinking of the fights that the mods and rockers had there and tried to quickly back track and say "no i mean parkers and stay press.sorry guys" all too late as i used to be a rude boy 22 years ago and should know better, all done with a little jest though, i saw them later in the day and felt like running.
All in all a good day was had by all apart from the woman who had a stroke in the cafe later in the afternoon(hope you've recovered ok)


Hi, been a little while since i wrote to ya, i've been  working hard in my new  gallery  and don't  wanna email when i get home. anyway i've just got a new laptop  or my shop  but just discoverd  there's  a letter broke  on it which i can't type out, see i   you can guess which letter is broke as i type  todays blog,.
i'm looking out to sea  rom my gallery and would love your company  so remember when you visit brighton to come and visit me  at my place, where tea  and co   ee can be served, well, did you guess what letter  is gone on my computor? c'mon i thought it was  ucking  obvious!

don't  orget your xmas pressie paintings  or your  amily and  riends

ps should have just copied and pasted the missing letter

bye  x

Beach side gallery

Be sure to visit my gallery next time you visit Brighton ,4 lower promenade Madeira drive. just down the stairs on the beach,east side of Brighton Pier by the red phone boxes 

Baby Boom

So all i keep hearing about is the latest baby boom.

Well i have to tell you guys that my girlfriend and me are 3 months into the pregnancy of our child.
My 5 year old daughter had to be the first person i told about it so i said to her, 'your gonna have a little baby brother or sister, after she said to me "for real?" i said to her we'll have to think of a name for him.(i believe its a boy but it's gonna be a surprise) what shall we call him ? she spurted out "Pinocchio! Oh the joys of kids.

Raffle Extension

Due to marketing strategies the 2010 raffle has been extended so the draw will now be on the 30th september 2010, thank you for your texts but we really do need more coming in so please tell all your friends about it. 
Please text "art" to 81400
and help me achieve a nice total amount to present to the charity. got faith in you guys, there's no TV advert to push this so lets show em what we can do



Runaway balloon

Six weeks ago, after the clear up of a party to celebrate the opening of my friends new gallery ( I was left holding the silver,helium filled balloons which i took home not knowing what to do with them.
I decided to conduct an experiment and attached a note to one of them that night asking, whoever found it to send me a text to let me know how far it had traveled .
Now as you know i live in the wonderful city of Brighton and off went the balloon.

Yesterday, six weeks later i received a text that read  "Hi my name is Dean and i found ur note attached to your balloon at great Oakley, Essex, ur experiment went well"

Brilliant! i thought and checked this morning to see how far great Oakley is. 126 miles! you lot would think i had something better to do eh.  well i have, back to my gallery today to finish off decorating the studio section.

Don't forget, when in Brighton, come visit me at my new gallery situated east side of palace pier, just down the stairs at the 2 red phone boxes

peace and out.


B***h Slap!

I don't watch eastenders and have not caught a glimpse of it for at least 8 months. just as i was flicking through the channels i caught Phil mitchell slap his mum "PIE! right in the chops, i wouldn't even have had the bottle to use a swear word in front of my mum yet alone give her a dig.

God bless your soul mum.

it would have been her 70th b'day yesterday.

Love your mum

Merv  x

Just four weeks to go!

4 weeks to go folks 'till the grand draw to help the rocking horse childrens charity and bag your self an autographed portrait of your favorite star. I really hope your all texting,  "art" to 81400.
My new gallery is just about finished, i've sort of had a quite opening and already lots of people through the door looking around, its looking really swish with my massive 9 foot mural of Jimi Hendrix on the floor, Its white walls and ceiling with black floor (mural style) the back wall before my painting studio is covered in mirrors so it brings the reflection of thte ocean right into the gallery, lots of space and a four second delay echooooooooooooo.
It's situated on lower promenade madeira drive, Brighton, get to the palace pier (brighton pier) you'll see 2 red phone boxes to the left of the entrance, go down the stairs there and it's the second unit.
come there on sunday for my pre opening opening

see ya

New gallery!

Hi guys, just to let you know i picked up the keys to my new gallery yesterday, A nice little spot smack bang on the beach here in brighton, at the entrance of brighton pier you'll see 2 red phone boxes, go down the stairs there and you'll see me painting away out back, or greeting you on the beach.oh and don't be shy to come down on a rainy day, there might just be that little gem you've always wanted.
Please drop by anytime, from wherever in the world your coming from.

Grand opening will be in about 2 weeks so please come and join the party and have a little wine

onwards and upwards

Oh and buy a raffle ticket. c'mon lets push this thing right up there


Circus Kinetica

Gave my pal jonny a lift yesterday,it was a lovely drive way up to a quite farm to see the most amazing construction i've seen for dots!
My friend James & the gang have been commissioned to build a bar for a major drinks company and i was blown away with what i saw, so much so, i can't possibly describe it here. the festival circus kinetica which starts soon will have this fantastic construction assembled there and i seriously urge you to get up there to see it, i believe it's in cambridgeshire
. When i look at it , it just makes me happy.

James, your work is absolutely and positively unique and i love it. would love to have a piece from you in my gallery.
talk soon 

4th July

4th July the Americans celebrate independence day but for me it's an even special day because it's my beautiful daughter's birthday today who has just turned 5.  So if you can say in your mind. "Happy Birthday Emily"   she will get the vibes from you.

Hope you've had a nice chilled out day today, I find out this week if i have won the bid for my new gallery which will be situated directly on the beach in Brighton, check back for more info later.

The 2010 charity raffle

Hi folks, the 2010 raffle was due to open yesterday the 1st july but due to slight technical hitch it looks like it will all kick off on monday. it will be,,text the the word 'ART' to 81400.

The very best of luck to all who enter. more


we should have all got over our world cup exit by now and enjoy the remaining games. All this talk about new touch line technology and that it is too expensive and stuff, i just think,,,hold on, don't they show the action replays but 5 seconds after the goal on the ginormous screen in the stadium? you hear all the crowd reacting to it after so why don't they just all wait to watch that? the scandal!

Summer solstice

So it's five years to the day that i have been living in Brighton, i moved here on summer solstice 2005 and i ain't going anywhere now, It's 2 am and i've just got in from the beach after celebrating the longest day of the year, and toasting to five years. i did this by lighting one of those lantern jobbies that float across the sky and we had a nice fire there with a few friends.

I haven't written to you guys in a while but behind the scenes its been just hectic.,just too tired now to feed you a story. busy day painting tomorrow, i'm painting the last star who has agreed to autograph it for the raffle which will start at the beginning of july, i won't tell you who it is untill i have it delivered to me. I really hope you all get on board for this and send your texts in to make it a massive event,

Talk soon



Well done to Amir Kahn who is still the WBA world champion, He went to America and brought thte title back with him to England for us to be proud of,,magic!
All we want now is for Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton
(well Hamilton anyway,Button just crashed)to bring back the Monaco Grand Prix trophy and England to win the world cup, go-on the Britz!
Right then, back to painting Elvis.

Happy sunday to y'all



Thanks to everyone in Brighton who participated in the making of the video for my song
"I Love Brighton"
It is now complete and it belongs to us all.
If you want to see the video it's now on the home page for a bit

have a nice day



I've just seen the most beautiful TV advert i've ever seen. It's the new John Lewis advert bridging the generation gap. If you love life like i do then you may agree how beautiful it is
Well done Johnny boy
. It really moved me


Sir Tom Jones

Ladies and gents, Sir Tom Jones is in da house, The 2010 open raffle is gathering pace and i've just received my portrait of him back, autographed by the man himself and here it is, Good luck when you enter.


Sir Tom


I am very touched by the person, whoever you are who put my advertising sign back up. to explain what happened to you all i had a sign up near a road junction advertising my website which fell off its perch and lay on the grass for a week.
On driving past today i noticed somebody put it back up for me!

I just wanna say that i was overwhelmed by your gesture, seriously it really moved me.
Thank you mystery person

Another reason to love brighton


Went to see my mate Leah Mason last night performing in my wonderful town of Brighton. She was performing in the hope venue and what a show it was, do remember her name folks as you will be hearing more about this artiste,
The chord changes in her songs forces a smile from your gut,smacking you in the cheeks on its way up and her vocal timing is totally
refreshing like a loud bang going off and you feel yourself looking to those surrounding you as if to say, ''did you hear that''?
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her and urge you to go see. She is performing in Cambridge on the 13th of this month in the portland arms.
Good to see ya last night Leah and particulaly good to hear ya. i came home and played your album because you left me wanting more..good.

Here's a link to her gigs HERE


Having spoken to the owner of this car i now know that they are not responsible for pushing my car out into the road,
They seem like lovely people who would not do such a thing and i apologize for upsetting you and your wife with my note on the window.

This is one of the reasons i love Brighton so much. everyone can more or less always work things out for the better with no harm done.
If two other people were going through the same thing where i originally come from in east London it could have been a different story.
Amicable, reasonable and keeping the love is what it transpired to here in Brighton

Nuff respect Chris



So it's another one of those birthday things for me today, every year it's the same old thing, always this time of year as well, in fact it's always on this very day, I always seem to feel a bit older on this day every year. The funny thing is i always feel a little queezy the day after too,stange that..
Old man jokes aside i had to take it seriously about what i'm going to do. This year i've decided to stay at home,not that bad, i will have a few pals coming over for a jam session.

They'll be friends who play guitars,violins
,flutes,saxophones,bongos and piano, all bringing their instruments over for what is likely to be a sound to behold once we all get started jamming together, house neighbors coming up and down  to join in the musical extravaganza,. food, wine, you know the rest,

Treble clef's and middle c's



So the Kwik save supermarket boss has given away  500 million pounds to the people and kept ten million back for himself. There's not much more i can add to that really, but here's a few words...



You know who I'm talking about? yeah that's right,me! today i become godfather for the forth time to a beautiful baby girl 'Skye Evans Starr'. Don Coleone has got nothing on me.
I'm getting my suit on and off to the church. my trousers are so sharp you could cut yourself on the crease.
My shirt is so white i gotta wear shades. Happy Spring to you all

The Godfather


Happy Paddy's day to everyone! i'm running about indoors looking for something green to wear before i go to my gallery in kensington gardens. I've always joked that i'm half Irish, I'm a wannabe half irish man! It probably stems from the fact that many years ago, in certain societies, there were signs on the doors of certain establishments ie pubs,saying
''No Blacks No Dogs No Irish''
so i do have an affinity with the irish. You still wont be able to bring your black,Irish wolfhound in certain places but at least it's not because of their colour or the way they talk.

I'd like to buy you all a guiness

Right then, it's the top of the morning and i gotta get out there before lunchtime.

Be garn witchcha!


Bowie tribute band last night was wicked, i really enjoyed it, loads of classics. i liked  the sticks he played during ''lets dance'' great show,
Check it out if the show is in your town, you'll be glad you did.


The last gig i went to was to see my friend Linda Lewis who was performing in my beloved town of Brighton at the komedia.

I'm back there on friday to see another friend perform his spectacular tribute show to David Bowie, the thin white duke. cant wait to hear all those wonderful classics live.
You'd be pushed to get a ticket now, i was told there was only 6 left when i left by 6.30. if you are the person who bought the last 2 tickets last night or this morning...phew!

This is ground control to major tom!

The show

Dog Handler

I've heard alot of people talk about the phenomenon of the american guy who trains dogs to behave at home and have seen a couple of shows with him in action and let me tell you he has nothing on our Victoria Stilwell, she truly is amazing, catch her show, ''its me or the dog''

She is the dogs b*******

Status Quo

A big thank you to Mr Francis Rossi from Status Quo for our meeting and his autograph on my portrait of him.

I will display this handsome black and white portrait i painted
of him very shortly, along with the portrait of the beautiful Kate Moss i painted, also signed by her, thanks again to Peter Moss her father for helping me get her autograph on it.
The news is that YOU! will have a chance to win one of these signed, hand painted, black and white paintings for a 1.50 text!  Yes you read it right, 1.50! and you will also be helping the Rocking horse childrens charity. More so, that will not be all. There will be six Stars in all to choose from when your text message is selected, Six winners!

Have a lovely day today whatever your doing,

I'm having a sandwich then back to work

See ya

Saturday 27th feb

Tomorrow Saturday 27th Feb I'll be exhibiting my work in Kensington gardens Brighton and not the usual spot in bond street Brighton.

I'm working on my black and white painting of Paul Weller tonight, hopefully it will be ready to put up for sale tomorrow.

So don't forget if your coming to get your portrait, i'll be there. wrapped up to the eyeballs in wool and stuff.

See ya tomorrow


cross skiing

Any body catch the commentator on the cross skiing when the Jamaican Errol Kerr was racing?
in his excitment he shouted ''Errol Flyn'' look at him go. quite funny i thought. anyone who thinks they would be able to go down that coarse perhaps a bit slower even without experience think again. this is tame after looking at the film i watched to pick up some tips before i went skiing for the first time many years ago.I felt brave but when i got there i quickly realized i would not even go over a bump as big as a cola can.
Strictly smooth runnings when i ski thank you very much and one of the best holidays i've had.
I'd give gold medal to our girl just for going head first down that rink

congratulations to my friend Hamish for recently becoming a skiing instructor,He's out in Canada now

Stay warm


Black and white paintings

Get yourself down to kensington gardens today, although cold i have some great black and white paintings for your wall.

See ya

The Falklands

So tensions are arising once again in the Falkland islands. Maggie Thatcher sent us to war back in the days to fight for ownership of the place and apparently won!
I remember as a kid thinking 'but it's so close to Argentina, surely it should remain Argentinian'

I didn't Know why she wanted it so bad then and wonder if because of this latest conflict over ''Oil''
if that's what it was all about then.
Did Maggie Thatcher know all along that there was ''oil in dem dear hills'' and thus used forces to claim the land to
supply England with oil resources to make England wealthier.
60 billion barrels apparently, that could cause some damage eh,
Like I've said before i have a theory about dragging the oil out of the earth and that is that oil is needed to lubricate the earths crust. Imagine you don't put any oil in your car and drive it around willy nilly, your engine components will rub harshly together causing the engine to grind and clatter,making a terrible noise and bits of metal from your engine may break off and even puncture your bonnet in the process,It need lubrication.
Tsunamis that are happening around the world are caused by the tectonic plates in the earths crust jolting together violently causing what ever is above it to shake and wobble.
When the oil is taken out of the earth it leaves the tectonic plates dry, if the oil remained there perhaps the movement of the plates would shift smoothly together thus no tsunamis, that's just my theory. here's a link about these tectonic plates and where they exist in the world.
Earths Plates

I wonder if i can get my 20 year old Saab 900 turbo to run on used cooking oil?

stay smooth


Good news

That's just what we need, a bit of good news. I turned on the tv this morning where the news was on and all i got was murders and suicides, even the murder of a 3 year old girl, all too tragic.
It's high time for some good news on the news. Not just good news about 56,000,000 lotto winners no, My idea of good news and the news that's even got me dancing on occasions when i've heard it is the development of the latest medical science, that's why i became a reflexologist, working on nerve impulses and oxygenated blood supply to vital organs and glands essential to you feeling well today. These are wonderful scientific things that are happening inside of us at every minute and the work on them although  it seems behind the scenes,we catch a glimpse of it in the high streets with the little green collection boxes for things like cancer research we knowledgeably walk by.Some takers of human life who are today walking the streets walk past these collectors and even contribute to the saving of lives and yet would go ahead and take another life.
War does not set a good example,even warring with words is not a good way to go about settling peace,attack is over stepping the mark of justification. there's no water shed for the news and our little ones are exposed to this as if it was normal. Caring, sharing, helping is a good route to happiness.
If you cant wait for the news to tell you about medical science, see if it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel a bit happier on the link below.

Latest medical science

Hope you have good news today


great weather

Ok so the sun is out right now in sunny brighton but ten minutes ago, it was pelting down with snow! Grey and horrible.
now the sun is melting the white stuff that had just settled. freaky deaky weather

Secret star

very excited about another star agreeing to sign the portrait i'm painting of him, itching to tell ya but wont just yet till its all done and signed,. keep tuned


Catch up

Wow, 14th December since my last blog! hope you haven't felt sick of checking up to see what's new?how disappointed you probably felt.
I'm still wearing in the tap shoes i got for xmas from my good friends at Two Feathers. you can buy all your native American goods there.
They are quite tight,not my friends at the feathers,the shoes.I can't wear em out in the streets for i'll mess up the taps.
so I've been wearing thick ski socks with em around the house and think they're getting a bit looser.
I went down to my friends sail boat for dinner last week taking them along with me.After dinner we had a jam with the guitar while i provided the tapping on the nice wooden deck.
Catch me tomorrow in the north laines Brighton, 
see ya


I visited my friend this evening and at about 11pm we made a nice cup of tea and took it up onto the roof top of his old regency house directly overlooking the ocean to witness something I've never seen before.
We had some music up there and all gazed up into the sky waiting to see a meteor.We saw about 5 or 6 quick shooters first and then this big ball of flame came hurtling in from the sky visible for about 6 seconds! Amazing thing to see and was heading straight into the sea,. It seemed like it was about half a mile away. To try and describe exactly what it looked like i would say it was just like a firework rocket, a really good one but was shooting down instead of up, with a little blue and red to it, as well as fire burning all around it. Marvelous!

New Baby Girl!

Congratulations to my dear friend 'Collette Starr' who gave birth to a baby girl today!  She's named her 'Sky'


I'm ecstatically happy about this new imaging camera which can take a 3D rotating image right into the brain and everywhere else on the human body in a heart beat. to me,to us and to the rest of the world(hopefully) this is wonderful news.
I love medical science which was one of the reasons why i became a reflexologist back in 2006 and it just puts a big smile on my face whenever i hear of a medical breakthrough.
I wouldn't mind getting on one myself to see whats going on with my lower back.
Ooh,I can just sense you now wondering what you would like this machine to check out on you.Go ahead, the machines are quite rightly being first used by the NHS,.makes me think of how the Americans are protesting against a similar service over there, always money eh. one thing i do know is that if your ill, you don't care about money, you just wish you could walk again,or you just wish you could see,,people just wish to win the lottery but if your healthy, try just being thankful for being that way, just for a day, then go out and make the most of it

haben einen wunderbaren Mittwoch!



To avoid disappointment.those of you who are planning to gift one of my paintings for Xmas should order soon as i will only be able to complete a certain amount in time for the big day. Not much more to report really, Just chilling at home listening to mocking bird by Eminem, which reminds me,i must cast my vote for the greatest pop star competition currently running.I will be voting for Mr Marshall, One because i always support the underdog and what an underdog he was as a white rapper breaking through the predominantly black arena, i loved it and i loved the fact that i could understand everything he was saying.
As for my current favorite eminem track, i mentioned it earlier, 'Mocking Bird'  writing a song for your children can be particularly emotional and i'm sure a tear was shed as he wrote it, as did i when i wrote ''Song For Emily'' for my daughter. It's on my EP ''Off To A Good Start'' (you can download it now from my site)

9am now sunday morning and i'm still deciding what to do with my day, as long as i do some painting,and house chores it doesn't matter what else i do, weathers a bit too blowy for my open air gallery today. I live on the seafront and the wind has been chucking up salty deposits that my car and house windows collect, it has been great though to lie in bed all cozy and propped up in front of the tv while i look out the window at amazing big crashing waves coming in from France! ooh la la

J'aime Brighton


Hi everyone., seems like i've not written to you for ages,.nothing exciting to write about really,you already know about the music video i'm producing for my single ''I Love Brighton'' plug plug.(you can download it straight to your phone on my music download page)plug plug. video is coming along ok by the way.great stuff last week.

so thats it really, nothing any more exciting than what you already know,.I did dream that i was flying like superman last night, on my journey to see Emily my four year old daughter.

Has any one said the word to you and made you start thinking of it yet? No? ok , Christmas!, there,,, i said it,,
jingle bells!
turkeys and stuffing and stuffing after turkeys!

Just one more thing, i'd like to congratulate two men, Stephen Hawking who has just retired from cambridge who shows the most courage in going for achievements despite his illness and his successor professor green, who is now the new Lucasian Professor of Mathematics there, as some may already know previous holders of that position include Isaac Newton..

Smile with your eyes.



The video shoot for ''I Love Brighton''has resumed after a month of hanging on,
I thought i'd lost the exciting touch of it all for not filming for so long but i snapped back into the exciting thick of it
the second i had to think of the scene i wanted to film.With the cameras
there rolling my Stephen Spielberg brain sprang into a natural recognition of futuristic insight to produce the image straight from my hemispheric regions to the camera. a marvelous feeling. in the bag on each take of a scene, getting the people that are close to me in it too,perfect.
I'm looking forward to presenting to you and the world the long awaited video for my anthem for this great place that we live in.
Right then, i need to carry on with this francis rossi painting from status quo, i met him a few weeks ago at my gallery and he agreed to sign a portrait i'm painting of him to be raffled off to raise funds for a charity, the details will be coming soon. So far i've got a signed portrait of Kate Moss to be in this raffle,. Stay in touch as the raffle will start when i have painted my six icons that will be signed by them. You will have the chance to win one of these & help the cause and all for a text that will cost around the one pound mark.

You know you like it



Who cares about Carol Vordeman leaving countdown when we've got the new stunner to entertain us..the pink dress shes wearing today really hits the Mark  ;)


My four year old daughter told me her first joke today it was...a sausage and an egg in a pan,the egg says cor a'int it hot in here and the sausage said oh look a talking egg!  
I proceeded to tell her about the two eggs in a pan of boiling water when one egg says ''cor a'int it hot in here, the other egg said ''wait till you get outside you get your head smashed in!

Ok so it was a bad joke but she is only four! but it doesn't mean i cant make you smile.One thing certain in life is that you can't help but smile when the corners of your mouth curl up!

Have a happy weekend


After only one single rehearsal with what turned out to be a 9 piece band, meeting for the first time the keyboard player in the last hour, I took to the stage on the beach to perform my song 'I Love Brighton' for the first time with a full band.Yes i was nervous, there were hundreds of people around and further more, I was performing for the TV cameras' who was filming me for the new series called 'Brighton Beach Patrol',starting on Channel 5 tomorrow, friday at 8pm.
I wont know what it sounded like 'till i watch the programme  and indeed i will not appear in the first episode.
So keep tabs on the show and don't forget the song is available to download now in different formats here on my website

visit Brighton!



Back in my blog,dated 27th january 09, I reported how i met Kate Moss's father at my bond street gallery display.I handed him my portrait of his daughter asking if he would be so kind as to ask his daughter if she would sign it for me.
Well it's back folks, I receivd
a nice email letting me know that he was to be in town again where i met up with the family to recieve the signed portrait back. It reads,,Love Kate Moss and she drew a little luv heart.
Thank you very much Peter taking the trouble of getting it signed for me and thank you Kate for signing it,It was also nice to meet Kate's younger sister who now also owns one of my paintings.Credit also to the Brighton hairdresser who did a wonderful job of peter's partners hair.
This means folks that the charity run is on!and the collection of a few more signed portraits to make the prize pot that much bigger is wanted before i launch the event. The Rocking Horse Children's charity will be the beneficiaries of my event,
As of last year,it will be a text to enter event but now it will be cheaper to enter! last years push i believe was set too high at 3 pound! a text..this event will be set closer to the 1 pound a text to enter.
So watch this space for the next charity event where you could win a signed hand painted portrait of the beautiful Kate Moss and help the sick children from the Rocking Horse at the same time.


Oh No! the budget for the video to ''I Love Brighton'' is running out and there's still some filming and editing to do yet..there's a little panic going on but there is some thing we can all do to help.Download ''I Love Brighton''direct to your mobile phone HERE Or if you prefer to buy off Amazon,you can do that HERE And watch the video put a smile on your face.,Saying that,Filming is coming along well so i must see it completed and out there.

Oh No, My beloved football team West Ham was in trouble again.I thought those days went out ages ago but i have to say it seems the rivalry never died since the days of the ICF (inter city firm) where millwall was one of west ham's if not the biggest rivals where fighting regular took place amongst the terraces and indeed in the streets,there's been books and films about some of the hardest faces of that firm, I even hear one of them won the lottery and it doesn't stop there
,if not one hooligan getting stabbed in this incident the players are getting stabbed too, and he's a west ham player,.What's going on eh? maybe if the government banned going on the pitch it would stop them invading it,Or do you think they'll just go underground! now that joke was pitched low and i appologise, i should have known the score with that one,instead of just dribbling out a bad football joke.You can take a free kick at me for that one,it was well and truly foul..And if i'm gonna go fish for a laugh i'd need better tackle than that.

And i'd have to throw in some other footie jokes too but i cant think of any.,anyway it's not my goal to be a comedian,
last time i tried it i fell offside of the stage, had to cut it shorts!
It was at a fetish party
,The leather Ball, in Jersey. I know sweet FA about football anyway,, Way out of my league!

Goodnight, god bless


After finding the perfect location for the final scene, the video shoot for 'I Love Brighton'' can resume this week and i am so looking forward to it.

I've just got in from a long drive to cambridge to pick up my mates son whom he has not seen for 8 months. It was a pleasure to drive him there as i know what that feels like. One thing i did see was that his young son loves him., the bond didn't die,,very encouraging


Greetings to all you art lovers., This Sunday I am holding a one day raffle where you can win my painting of your choice!
Simply visit me at my kensington gardens gallery, buy a raffle ticket for 1 pound any time before 5pm. leaving your contact details on the duplicate raffle ticket which then gets placed in the tomboler.The winning ticket will then be selected at 5pm the same day and informed of their win immediately after.
If the winner is still in Brighton they may come to choose their prize straight away,or if you have already left, your prize will be posted out first class by the day after.
Good luck and i'll see you on Sunday in kensington gardens



I was up at 7.30 this morning, I heard the distinctive pop popping sound of the Moped. I looked out my window and saw the first two of the army of Mods expected today in Brighton.

It's a celebration of the revival of the mods and Quadrophenia. Thousands are expected to decend apon the shores of Beloved Brighton but this time i think they'll be no fighting with the rockers.

I was a Rude Boy back in the days which is half Mod and half Skin'ead so there's a part of me who wants to dress up in my Rudy gear. Only trouble is everyone will think i'm a Mod!

I'll try to take some snaps and post them on here for all you age old Rockers and Mods to see.

PS. My song ''I Love Brighton'' is now available to download directly to your phone as well as Amazon ,Itunes . It's only 'One Pound' so i appreciate your appreciation of all the hard work i put into this song for your enjoyment by downloading the mp3 file to your phone,. it will sound pucker on your headset or your docking platform. My brass section i used are amazing with their warm blowing so if you have ever heard a song and thought.''I cant believe this is number 1'' then please note that your download from this link will count in the National charts so if you think my song deserves a title like that,. please download and spread the word..

Here's your link to the phone download GET SONG



Hi peeps guess what,,you can now download my fresh tune ''I Love Brighton'' directly to your mobile phone! aint it marvelous the technology today eh,,Get your copy HERE  now.

Keep music makers making music, download legally!


As many of us know,advertising is not cheap but sometimes it can cost very little and be very effective.I refer to my one year old advertising executive whom i met yesterday at my gallery.The big pink Balloon i had at my place   with ARTISTMERV.COM emblazed across it was belined for by this infant in a pram who declared,''I want a balloon'' to her mother.

Well i couldn't miss the oppotunity to have such a keen worker willing to advertise my website so i gave her said balloon to take with her on her travels and off she went advertising for me as she left. I could see the balloon from the other end of the street amongst the throng of people and thought to myself,,,''that's a good bit of advertising''.

She worked so hard bringing lots of attention to the website holding it aloft as she weaved through the crowds of brighton and the only commission she wanted was the pink balloon itself.

What a trooper,she her puts herself to bed at 7.30 ,8 o-clock so she can get up at 6.30 -7am to go out driving in her pram the next day holding the balloon wherever she goes.

So i'd now like to   raise a toast to my 1 year old executive. Have a wonderful life.




Exciting day today as i met up with the film producer who's filming the video to my upcoming track ''I Love Brighton'' i went location scouting all round brighton and got together a storyline for the song. there's more exciting coverage for the song but i'll tell ya about that a bit later,,.be prepared....

Love and light



What a great time was had by everyone last night when we surprised our dear friend Peter Bowley for his b'day with a party in ''wai kika moo kau'' Yes, a lovely play on the words for a fabulous vegetarian cafe'(hallumi wraps my fav') we had live music with violins drums and guitars which eventually spilled out onto kensington gardens where we all proceeded to dance in the street. I't's Been a long time i'm sorry to say,that i have danced like that. i thought i'd hung my dancing shoes up a long time ago but ''nah'' i've still got the boogie! I performed a very different version of ''I Love Brighton'' too with Raphael doing the toasting(not as in bread,as in rapping, old school terms) with violins providing a very sweet tone to it, i was in my element singing away as i played the guitar. A big bunch of really nice people who i like to call family were all having a great time up untill midnight dancing in the street which led to the best nights sleep i've had in ages.....I Love Brighton


And more rain, lashings and lashings of the gear! Also wow!  the latest 7 magazine  has a music chart  and i have just reached number 3  in it!    check out this  chart  and submit your own stuff!   latest  chart

Thanks Mia  for my lovely gift, i'm speachless  and i don't  know how you  managed to pull  it off.Must have cost a fortune. i'll be taking loads of pictures while i'm flying around up there,
Hope it's not weather like this on the day xx

Enjoy the rain everyone, so that we will have nice lush grass to sit on in the sun!

Everyone's Brown!



Thanks to everyone who turned up for my work shop on realism painting last night. good to see so many eager people there but alot did not bring a calculator and it slowed the class down a bit. I think you can get them from the pound shop and as you saw, one is needed to work out scale over composition but you all did well and i look forward to the next one.

Happy Painting!




Good to see everyone out today enjoying the sun and having fun. but not too good for my mate johnny who stacked it while street surfing, get well soon fella. good to also see my pal justin flying in his plane doing his acrobats, hopefully we'll all see alot more of him real soon.
I see theey've also goit the ferris wheel out on hove lawns for the week end, my daughter would love that,Happy Birthday to her, she's 4 on saturday.
Please don't anyone else tell me it's too hot, one would not say it's too hot if they were on a yaught.

I'm feeling the good love vibes off the folks of Brighton and it's good,
holumi wraps from wai kika moo kau makes for a nice summer light munch oh and you must get yourself down to iydea in kensington gardens for a ''beat it'' juice drink, it's apples,carrots,beetroot and ginger and goes down a treat!
Oh and while your at it,get your self down to the guarana bar in sydney street for a wheat grass shot. ga-zing! your sorted!
Glastonbury must have been amazing. i've been for about six years on the bounce before the tv camera's started filming there but so wished i wsa there to see crosby stills and nash, a whole lot of others too but my favourite song is ''wooden ships'' by them.
I've just learnt it this morning on the piano.
So it's 11.15pm and i'm gonna walk home along the beach i think. sea air will knock me right out.

Hope your all happy and not too busy chasing after the pound note.

peace  x


And the beat goes on!


Summer solstice spent up on devils dyke.The sun was still so high at 7.30 and the view was of coarse magnificant.
which leaves for todays start to the summer with a nice country drive to my canvas supplier with good company and for all the nice people who made nice comments about me and my work while in my kensington gardens gallery yesterday, thank you. you made my day

Have a cracking day in the sun




Happy fathers day to all the dads out there, go out with your most precious creations and enjoy their love.
I would partically like to wish all the dads out there who are sad on this day,a strong one. all the dads that are being kept away from their children for no good reason. there are hundreds of thousands of you who feel the pain extra hard today which i should imagine that any mothers doing the same would delight in the pain they can inflict on their ex partners today, well done all you mothers,
So to all the dads out there who are today having their kids kept away from them, i feel your pain, keep fighting for your child's right to have a dad, they will be proud that you did.

Daddy   xx


My deepest condolence's to Mr Mike Tyson who tradgically lost his four year old daughter Exodus last week. i have always had respect for the champ and I would like to   pay my respects here to the family today. Be strong Mike, i'm so sorry.

Merv   x  


Thank you to the lady who insisted i take a ten pound reward for returning her sons lost phone, she was so happy to get it back and pleased to know that some people out there do make life nice for you. I'm not blowing my trumpet here after all the same thing happened to me and i got mine back, hell i even wrote a song about it on the juke box in my guest book page called ''I Love Brighton''

So it was rewarding to bring it back to the owner. Just goes to show how wonderful Brighton is,. Make sure you visit.

May your week be a strong one!



I've not been here for a while but another gorgeous day here in sunny Brighton.


It's here again, the merry month of May, Brighton festival has kicked off with the march of the childrens parade,whistles and drums and road blocks. Hope all the kids had a fabulous time amid all the tantrums i'm sure ensued.

Try get yourself down here for a show or two.We've got some great talent down here and you can take it all in at your leisure.Have agreat bank holiday and stay in touch



My new song ''I Love Brighton'' was completed late last night after working all day in the studio.I'm pleased to announce that you will be able to hear it tonight on Juice fm radio station at 11.30pm. Thank you so much to all the people who helped me with the song with their unique contributions.   Dell the support voice Dan the tremendous trombone player,Ellis the sexy sax player,Crusoe the crisp trumpet player,Charlotte,Ben(no ones bigger)Ru the man, Faye,Kyle super dooper,Bally,Sonya,Peter Jarette and everyone who has given their approval after hearing the song and last but not least   thank you to Brighton for inspiration. if you cant wait till 11.30 tonight to listen , you can listen now on

Peace, Merv


 It's 2.30am the morning  after  Easter sunday, the first Easter sunday i have ever worked, the worlds first!
Shops in kensington gardens was open,the main shopping in churchill square,all closed, What happened to the sunday roast i have been having for the past lifetime Easters!
I did have a lovely eggs benedict for brekkie though,
and the fabulous ''wai kika moo kau'' vegetarian restaurant opposite my gallery served me up a lovely chilli with wild rice,''handsome'' but a dead day on the business front.

Well i'm still up at this time not because it's just bank holiday but because i'm driving a friend to the airport in about half an hour. Stanstead. Long cruise from sunny Brighton but the roads i expect to be clear, wrong time to start getting tired,even though i got my head down from 8'30pm till about ten.I need coffee. This screen is making me more tired looking at it like this so i think i'll drink my coffee and sign out, see ya



Happy Easter to all.Thank you for all the nice messages you've been sending me, I really appreciate them.See you tommorow at my kensington gardens gallery .

Merv . x


They say ''love is in the air'' but i only fly in my dreams.


The man was down again! Peter Doherty was performing in my home town of sunny Brighton again on thursday night, He was at the Dome and there was me chatting to the lovely Bex who works   at the stage door of the place. I had my painting of neat Pete with me which he signed for me. it reads ''lots of love peter'' and   two kisses, Now peter,bless him,who has been my best selling   portrait for 3 years on the bounce now who also has a song in the film i acted in       ''Bigga Than Ben'' called 'Albion' turned up 5 minutes before he was to perform at 9.30pm decided to not go on just yet and have a cigarette outside the stage door, the crowd was in the auditorium gazing up at the empty stage waiting for the artist to spin his magic while the rest of his band was waiting to see him in the dressing room before all going on.

Well after peter had his   cigarette he decided to just run onto the stage picking up his guitar and just started playing without the band being present! the frantic organizers were left to run down to the dressing room to the band who were happily eating oranges and getting ready just to tell them ''you lot better hurry up and get out there, pete's already started on stage, with that they just had to dash upstairs to the stage and catch up with him! Fancy starting a big gig like that and not even waiting for your band to come on. Pure Rock-nRoll and i think its great. Keep em on their toes Peter!

Needless to say the gig was good and the crowd lapped him up. Thanks for signing my painting of you Mr Doherty, i shall be keeping this as a testament of my most popular painting, you've got a fan in me.



So sad to see my friend Erika leaving Brighton today, in fact leaving England! it was her birthday on friday the 13th so we had a party for her birthday/leaving party/ freaky friday party. now we like to dress up at the parties we have here and friday was no different. it was of coarse friday the 13th so the theme was gouls and stuff.

I took a big roll of black materiel and made a massive cape/gown out of it, then my friend matilda sewd me a pixie hood out of it and wallar! i had a Grim Reaper costume in five minutes flat. i even used the inner roll as my sypthe.

Now we was all ready for the party and on getting the address off we went. well, we arrived at the party which was the caretakers house to the cemetery! I had to take the oppotunity to do some thing i probably would never get a chance to do, so i went for a walk at middnight, in the cemetery on freaky friday the 13th dressed as the Grim Reaper! if anyone came accross me i'm sure i would have heard a loud scream followed by horse like gallops.  good party.

Speaking of birthdays, it's my birthday on the 29th march and i'm going to give away one of my paintings for free to someone as a birthday treat so come down to Kensington gardens on that sunday and pick up your free raffle ticket for the draw and good luck


Bon voyage Erika, love merv x


Really excited about returning to the recording studio on thursday to record my new song called ''I love Brighton'', of which i will also be putting one my juke box in the guest book,So much fun, oh yeah the tip about the salt to help my phone worked and my phone is back on.wanna know what on earth i'm on about?check out two blogs down ''what a place to drop it''.

Smell ya later,


One of the reasons i love Brighton so much is that there's always musicians to grab a hold of when you need them.I was not at the gallery to because i was booked into a recording studio to record a song i wrote and i'd arranged for this cool dude singer to come in to record some backing vocals on it, you may have heard him singing in the laines?he's a white guy with dreadlocks who has a very powerful voice singing reggae song's he's very good.well, after what happened to my phone
(refere to last blog ''what a place to drop it'') i lost his number so could not pick him up. I had to be at the studio at midday so at 11.45am i was walking into my friends shop in kensington gardens and said, ''i need a vocalist to sing on my song right now''! with that, my friend grabbed his phone, made a call and withing 3 minutes i was on the way to pick up this guy who i've never met before to bring him to the studio to sing.
He done a nice job for me and i'm proud to announce the final cut is finished complete with backing singing courtesy of my new friend and vocalist Kyle. the result of the mix can be heard now in the guest book page, just click on the juke box on the page

Thanks again Kyle for your quick response and your proffessionalism and also to Ben,studio owner and technician, book your recording session with him here kiddstudios

Enjoy the final cut



Now we've all dropped a mobile phone or two during the existence of these stress building little gadgets, ''oh but they make your life so much easier''as many would gather to say but have you experienced the massive 20 second stress surge as your going through each pocket systematically? mouth open,eyes a-blaze,''where's my phone''! and then you find the little bugger and your stress drops dramatically you then know one of the reasons why you don't like have the bloody things.

I've had my current phone now for 4 years! a i'm not at all into model numbers at all but this is such a good phone and i've had it for so long that i think i know what it is, 630i , there i said it. i feel like such a nerd now.

Speaking of something that sounds like''nerd'' I was visiting my bathroom this morning and thought i'd take my phone in there with me,(funny how phone goes off when your midway through your chores on the loo) All was good with no calls while i was making the call of nature and as i was getting up to flush the toilet i dropped my little nokia straight into the pan!

Now i think i just gave it a 3 second thought before i thought, ''go go go! and like a swans neck my hand went straight in there after it,   gurning while doing so, i rapidly felt around deep into the dark murky waters searching to grab something solid. Oh i grabbed something solid alright but with two futher grabs i located the phone and lifted it to freedom,all this within 5 seconds of submersion   it was on still but was in need of desperate shaking and   wiping but it looked so bad i was compelled to give it 2 quick 3 second rinses under the tap(bad move)

After lifting all dna evidence from the phone i spent an hour nursing it dry and it did come on again but alas it seems to have died.

Now here's a tip: table spoon of salt in a sealproof bag and lay your phone   gently on the salt   it, apparently draws all the moisture out. i find out tomorrow if it worked.(thanks for the tip des)


It was very nice to meet and have a little chat with the fabulous actor Julie Walters the other day as she passed me outside my bond street gallery.She looked great and we were chatting about me possibly painting a family portrait for her, with a knowing smile she was off to enjoy the delights of fabulous Brighton hassle free. Hope you enjoyed your day here Julie and i look forward to hearing from you.

Stay Cool,



As i was at my pitch yesterday,feeling cold,i just thought to myself, ''i've had enough i'm off'' when a gentleman with an attractive lady and a young girl stopped to look at my Kate Moss painting. Something inside told me that they were related to her so i declared to them ''Something inside tells me that your related to her,are you''? to which they replied,yes we are'' this is her dad and this is her sister''

I then explained about my charity work from last year and on thinking about this years charity event i thought i'd ask them if they thought Kate would not mind signing the painting for it. Kate's dad then said he'd ask her so i packed up the portrait and gave it to them. Like i always say trust your gut instinct,it is seldom wrong. It would be fantastic to get the painting signed by the lovely Kate Moss which would be a massive push to help the charity.Thank you again Mr Moss for,...well,for Kate!



Wow! the arab countries don't mess about with their moral rules do they.I'm referring to the story of the English woman i think she is, who is accused of cheating on her husband, punishable by imprisonment! Many women lose their children if they commit it.

Now don't get me wrong i don't condone adultery and have never cheated on any of my gorgeous girlfriends but that is a bit strong.I have a strong feeling,that their law cuts down on a lot of it but it probably still goes on in extreme secrecy, Temptation i know is rife and probably more so in this country where temptation is thrust upon us at every chance.For instance   I don't think i've ever noticed any naked women or men in any newspapers on my worldly travels.

She's had to do a runner with the kids which is so sad, mostly for the children who will undoubtedly be scared and troubled by this with the wonder if mum and dad would ever be civil for their sake,

I hope this is all resolved with a''simple''separation and joint custody of their kids where they remain happy and untroubled.

So Stay safe, respect honorable members of the compound family and try to practice monogamy.

''Right,what am i gonna 'ave for dinner''


Or doom and gloom as is bestowed upon us at this particular junction.

Please let's not forget about those around the world who have been in a real doom and gloom for many years.Walking for miles just to get a drink of water,carrying it back a few miles on their heads, kids playing football barefoot because they cant afford shoes,(and loving the game) 
People on a wage that would not even buy a burger and working hard for it.

So come on folks, Life is not that bad, look around the world ask yourself if it is as bad as others.....then get out your credit card and buy yourself one of my paintings! 

Pick a good-n 



I try to keep away from politics in my blogs as i don't like to upset people but i have to say ''BIG UP''! to
Bim Bam Obama! I never caught the speech live but watched it late last night and despite all the down turning going on it was the exact tonic i think the world needed to feel good about the future. Touching moments when i heard an African man hoping for a start to an end in the famine and neglect of human kind.

Now at last we can all share the thought of a united nation and doesn't it feel good?We feel how we think and i think   that every one in the world will feel a togetherness with everyone on it,In turn, the energy that will radiate from all of us will be too powerful to fail.With a little bit of love thrown in for good measure and the world really is our oyster.

There is the massive statement about Obama being a black man in the whitehouse and making no bones about it i am dead proud of that fact. Slaves built the whitehouse and now a descendant from the slaves lives in it and is the president,a nice story don't you think?moved to another land where your annscesstors built your gaff so you could settle there,sounds perfectly normal and simple if you take away the struggle eh?

I'm glad that our kids,being not at all interested in politics whatsoever can grow up in a world with a good springboard chance of how it should be, we owe that to them.

So,long rein Bim Bam Obama...the world is your oyster and most importantly
the world is with you!

Vice president,

Mervin Etienne


I was getting a bit concerned about not writing a new blog for a good while, trouble is there seems to be nothing to write about that i'd think you'd wanna hear.I've got on with bits and bobs, maybe i'm still in the xmas sludge period like many others (kipper season) I'm sad to see the closure of my favourite juice bar ''sejuice'' and glad that i will still see the staff as i am friends with all of them and those guys know how to party!

I've also enjoyed the jamming sessions i've been to which has just produced another song i've written  called        ''I love Brighton''

It's the first reggae song i've written, the first song of the year and the first song i've written without putting it down on paper, all in the bonce! I'm excited about meeting my brass section this week for the track which i will put on the juke box,on the site once it's recorded so with painting to do i'd better nail it all in one day. It did go down well when i enjoyed performing it solo the day after i head wrote it,at the bees mouth bar so i don't think it will take that long, just organising the supporting vocals and the trumpet,trumbone and sax player, i think my studio will deal with the this space!

So all in all a slow but creativley positive start to 2009, 2009!!!, i remember the millenium as though it was just two years ago. I hope you guys are doing ok and your not suffering too bad in this crunch business.I feel inspired now to go home and play an old rolling stone song on the piano ''you cant always get what you want''

Well there's not much more to tell you than that really, unless you want me to babble on about not much,trying to make it entertaining, I saw a man last night, well it was about 1.30 am as i drove along the sea front on my way to a bar to meet some friends and this guy was standing right there on the sea front talking to a young lass with no shirt on! (the lad that is) the roof of my car was flapping in the cold wind and my heaters was on full whack, nice and warm i was but still shuddered when i saw him,,,ooohhh, shuddering now thinking about it.

After getting in at about 3.30am I put the tv on to catch up with the news and promptly fell asleep fully clothed,even with my coat on,legs hanging off the edge of the bed again which plays havoc with ya back, dont know why i didn't do my army crawl up to the pillow, or maybe i do, i think i  thought i wouldn't get too comfy because i've still gott get up to take my clothes off, turn off the tv etc...

Well i'm really gonna go now before i bore myself. take care





I went into about 30 shops today, looking for a particular gift for a friends birthday and when i asked for it, all but two shop keepers laughed,
Now i consider myself thoughtful and especially when i buy a gift for someone, therefore nothing else would do once i had this gift in mind, hence the 30 shops.

 I finally tracked the gift down and was chuffed but a little concerned about the laughter everytime i asked for it but i'm gut instinctive and i don't feel any different about my choice.   ''It's a back scratcher''!
No hold on, before you laugh she's celebrating her 80th birthday,she's had to have a leg removed so uses a wheel chair now come on guys, back me up here, is it a good prezzie or what?

Shine in 09!


Ah yes, t'was that time of the year again, mistletoe, mulled wine, hold on,i saw no mistletoe this year! no kisses under the green shrub! Well it's been fantastic anyway, seeing all the family on christmas day with four kids under 5 screaming,shouting and running around with no adult saying a dicky bird to them, just how i like xmas day to be.  It was good to see old mates on boxing day too that i've known for 35 years, i even drove to the house i was born in which was nice to sit there for a few minutes remembering old times a little.

The next couple of days after that have been really nice and relaxing back in beloved Brighton.

With just days to go till 09 i hope you all have a peaceful,happy old year's night celebration and my condollencies to every one who has lost a loved one this year, I lost a family member and some of my friends have lost theirs and we all remind ourselves of how precious life is and that we should all be enjoying it more.
god bless their spirits 

Good to see no sign of the credit crunch in town today, everyone seemed in a jolly mood and enjoying themselves and the vibe here in brighton was 'happy lets have fun' even though it is bitterly cold out there. 

I would like to draw your attention to an old east end tradition on old years night of the banging of pots and pans out the back window of houses at the stroke of midnight, my mum used to pass us kids a few pans and she would take us to a bedroom and off we all went at 12, whacking the pans for all their worth, it sounded like it was echoing everywhere as all the back yard neigbours did the same, this went on for about a minute without fail every year at the stroke of midnight, 
I remember one year, i was running up to the window at 11.55 getting warm clothes on because the window was gonna be open for 60 seconds and off i went, crash! bang!wallop, it wasn't that long before i realised i was the only one doing it that year, it came to sad end quite suddenly and i would love to hear that sound again but i suppose one would prefere being held in someone's arms at midnight, locked in a kiss eh! you can use the pans to cook them eggs in the morning!

Have a good night if your going out and if your stopping indoors, getcha pots and pans out!

P,S. Why not choose something you don't enjoy doing to give up as a resolution 

oh and if you can,support your local trader

Happy 09

Merv x

pps , what did the scarf say to the hat?

you go on a-head, i'll just hang around!


Hat's off to the exotic looking girl who i first saw when she helped me with a food   discrepancy about 2 years ago when she was the manager of the gemini bar on the beach.She informed me that she was off to the beach a couple of days ago to go paddle boarding because the sea was flat! Now don't get me wrong i've seen one of those rare occasions when the sea is just dead flat, it truly is a sight to behold, in fact it looks absolutely amazing but the fact was that it was about 6.30pm dark and about 2 degrees that night,made me shiver with just the thought.I was on my pitch in bond street when she passed and i was wearing a t-shirt,sweat shirt, jumper, furry coat, scarf, moonboots and could not take my hands out of my pockets so you can   imagine how cold the sea must have been. To the guys i see walking past my pitch in t-shirt and shorts and the girls in short mini skirts and open chests,YOU MAKE ME SHUDDER! as i stand there trying not to shake with the cold, I've even resorted to standing on a thick piece of cardboard which incidentally works very well in keeping you that much warmer if you stand out all day, try it. Another tip is to rub vaseline all into your hands before you leave your house, it works as a wind protector which helps to not get too cold. All the friends that pass help too because when i kiss them i push my nose up against their cheeks to get their warmth so if any of the girls boyfriends see me, don't worry,i'm not stealng a lingering kiss i'm just keeping my nose warm cause that really gets cold, i was almost tempted to wear a balaclava the other day but somehow i don't think i would have sold anything. Starting to stay lighter longer now folks so in the words of Phil Lynott. ''won't be long till the summer comes''    (lyrics to  ''boys are back in town'')

Take care, keep warm and buy one of my paintings

Merv x


Get yourself a cheese burger with peanut butter in it, sorted!


Lets mend ourselves today, put all your hangups behind you, bury the hatchet, leave the past where it belongs and above all have some courtesy for your children by speaking to your forgotten other half.

Mum & Dad rule ok!


Hello everyone, i'm so happy that the sunday club has been  resumed where i go to a fabulous restaurant in western road Brighton every sunday named 'Orchids'.
Food is fabulous (darling) again i ate crab,(ooh), spicy chicken and other dishes.
Great news is - On Monday 17th they have a new menu and are having a taster evening.
Seriously folks, get yourself down there for the munch your never gonna forget!


Hello everyone, the final amount of money raised is now in and i can confirm that we have all raised just under £200  for the Rocking Horse childrens charity.The suspense is hurting me too but i should have the results and be in touch with the winners tommorow. Told you it would be good odds.


Merv x


Hello everyone, this is it,the winners are about to be announced for the autographed portraits, have your phone on the ready if you entered by text, check your emails if you bought tickets online.

The first number out will have the first choice and there will of coarse be 8 of you lucky people out there,

Do come back to see how much we have all raised for the rocking horse charity after you recieve your painting. Thanks again and good luck!



Ok folks, today is the last day to send your text messages in to help the rocking horse childrens charity and win an autographed painting   but you may buy with credit card in my shop all over the weekend and on monday before the draw takes place either tuesday or wednesday, depends on what day i can visit the hospital to get the sick kids there to push the button . thank you for the texts and online buyers, particualy the lady in america who bought £40 worth of tickets! i hope your one of our winners, thank you.

good luck to all



Hi, I thought this month went up to 30 days which is why the closing date for the raffle was to be this thursday, as my text line closes at the end october i'm re-checking to find out if it is still live for one more day which would give you guys more time to get your last minute text ticket in for the grand draw, i'll let you know if we have another day on it and hopefully we'll have the last day to text on friday (halloween)

The winners will then be selected next week, the £2 debit/credit card entries from my shop will still be avaliable all over the weekend and up untill the day before the draw. Do encourage your friends to buy a ticket by text or card, your odds of winning are very good indeed and don't forget your freebie even if you dont!and most importantly, you'll be helping the kids out.

Spread the word




Hello everyone, this is it!counting down days to find out who will walk away with the autographed portrait of your choice and more importantly how much we  have all raised for  the good of the Rocking Horse childrens charity.

There's just a few days left and the excitment is building so please feel free to text again and buy more tickets, We have not reached our target by a long shot but the show must go on for all you guys who sent your text or bought a ticket online.
What i would like you all to do is encourage all you know to text the word ''NOW'' to 60155  to help this fantastic charity which has been running for 40 years. We really need everyones help on these last days so please help plug the grand draw.

It's been a busy few months putting this all together and i'm sure we all want it to generate some really good money.
Bless all of you who have been part of this event and dont forget your discount for texting.

PS. dont forget Linda Lewis tommorow night 22nd at the Komedia, gardener street Brighton.but your ticket and i'll see you there.


Merv  x



Hats off to ringo starr as i find it quite amazing that he had a reputation for replying to all his fan mail after all these years.The beatles disbanded a long time ago and although their music should indeed live forever these musicians have a right to retire from entertaining us if they so please.I dont know if he still performs for the public but he has a right to stop doing so if he pleases,especially if he's approaching retirement age of 65.
  I dont agree with   the angry people that still expect him to carry on doing what will always be in his heart. Give the man a break   and be thankful   for what you have signed by him, One of my customers has a house next door to him in America and has tea and buns with the man. She bought a ringo portrait i painted and promised me she would get another signed for me so i could use it to raise more charity funds but i suppose that might not happen now but never say never.
after all she is his friend and he might really dig my painting.

I do however as you know other superstars who have kindly signed for me that are available for you to win when you help the rocking horse charity by texting the word ''NOW'' to 60155. Many people i believe read about this charity event and think   ''that's a good idea, good on him'' and move on but please realise that we need you to actually send that text as you read it. you will also receive a £5 discount on all paintings you may buy in the future which cant be bad, You recieve this after spending just £3 on such a worthy cause. So come on you charitable people.send that text right now and persuade all you know to do the same.

The sick chidren will benefit so much out of your generosity and so will you.
Time is running out for this draw so lets all be proud of each other and i'll be announcing the magical total we raise just after 30th october. i have to say it's surprisingly low at this moment so we need you to do your bit.
thanks once again and lets get to work!

soldier on, Merv


Hey,how ya doing? I got on the train on monday,heading for London all suited and booted to attend a movie premier.The film is called ''BIGGA THAN BEN'' and it's due out on general release this weekend 10th'11th'12th october. I was there because I have an acting role in it.I play a tube worker and was dead chuffed to be given the part out of 60,000,000 hopefuls (not) The lead roles in the film are played by Ben Barnes and Andrei Chadov,lovely blokes and I arrived at covent garden odeon at 6pm, grabbed and ate an Ed's burger and hot footed it in there sitting right at the back so as not to get in any ones way(not really the reason)
It was so i didn't feel claustraphobic when I appeared on the big screen.
Well I gotta tell ya, whenever i came on the screen my body temprature doubled,whoosh, what a feeling. I was picking faults in my self to a degree that I could not take in how I was acting, I'll have to watch it again objectively.

Thats' this weekend,I'm gonna take my lady and a bunch of friends and be ready for some ribbing off them all.I can take it though I think(for my first feature)
Do get yourself down to your local cinema to watch it, I hear it being likened to a kind of train spotting flick (if you enjoyed that film check it out).The after part was good fun too but i'll give you no details of that.nudge nudge

Well that's it I guess, for now there's just one more movie i'm in to come out
where I get the chance to use an accent (yeah maan!rastafari)

ps dont forget Linda Lewis' gig. 22nd october.Komedia Brighton..get tickets HERE


Hello all, Linda Lewis (who incidently is giving her support to the Rocking Horse appeals grand draw)
is coming to my home town of Brighton to perform her awe inspiring songs at the Komedia  in Gardener street on the 22nd october 2008
You can get your tickets HERE. and i'll see ya there!

May all your troubles be little ones!



Ok folks, there 'aint no secret about my website. All i've had is people saying they like the way it looks' Well i have to tell those who don't  already know that this site cost me £35 only and i built it mysef through templates and you do not have to be a tech head to build yours!

Seriously folks, that's £35 for the site,the name, and the webspace for a whole year!
that's to say that is all i paid since i bought it last christmas!

And i had it bought and up and running live online in just a couple of hours flat.

Now you can get your own website for so little you can afford to build one just to bragg about your shoes.

So if you need to have your own website, go to the button on my site that reads 'terms sms' and you will see a banner, Click on that banner and buy your very own website with shop, forum,,etc,,everything you see on my site, good luck and do let me know the website you build so i can browse it.

Ps..the draw date for my charity raffle is closing in so get your ticket now by texting the word ''NOW''to 60155


Hope you all had a good time down on the beach for Norman Cook's( AKA)Fatboy Slim's big boutique party?
I know i did.
His set kept everyone rocking on till the last second, in particular i liked the visuals that sat along nicely with the pumping beats.Seeing the camera zooming into Norman made us feel even more a part of the rave and the quadraphenia footage made many feel proud to be living in Brighton.
Thank you to all who noticed the posters for the Rocking Horse appeal in and around the stage and bars and sent in a text to help the charity and put yourself into the grand draw to win Norman Cook's/Fatboy Slim's autographed portrait.
As someone pointed out to me before she sent her text in ''i wont get bombarded with offers will i?'' ''absolutely not''
i replied and i'll say it again, no-one will recieve any random text messages so please go ahead and help this great cause by texting the word ''NOW'' to 60155 and dont forget to follow the link to download your free wallpaper of the images of the actual signed portraits once you text.Also remember the other 6 prizes in the same draw including Kylie Minogue, Steve Coogan,Chris Eubanks, Pete Bennett,(big brother, cosmanought)Linda Lewis and Luke Goss.All up for grabs with just one text when you help the Rocking Horse Charity, Lets push this event and raise some good money for the charity that have helped the kids that have  benefited so much over the past 40 years from our donations and participations in events like this one .

Thanks and good luck




Hi everyone,been a while since i last wrote to ya,hope your well and keeping fit.
The council knocked on my door a couple of weeks ago with a clip board asking me if i wanted a bike,

I saw no catch so i agreed and two weeks later they phoned me and said ''meet us at the bike shop at 11 am''

Of coarse i turned  up to be told,go inside and pick yourself out a bike for £250!

well i didn't need more persuading and in i went .

I picked a nice black  mountain bike out which they said ''fine'' to and also bought me two locks.

off  i went on my new bike thats so smooth, in fact it's the first 'new'bike i've ever had.
They did this as they want to encourage people to use bikes around our beautifull city of Brighton and thats fine by me.
It's like seeing a return on your council tax but,our council does alot for us here i feel what with all the festivals and stuff they put on for us.''keep up the good work''
Dont forget to get yourself down to your local cinema on october 10th for the new film''Bigga Than Ben''starring Ben Barnes(from prince caspian fame),not only because i have an acting role in it but because it is a funny,enlighting film that i'm sure your gonna enjoy.It has music from Pete Doherty,joe strummer and gear as soundtrack.I made the film two years ago just after i starred in another film which was my first feature length called''too much too young''and i still have not seen either of them but this will be the first time i get to see myself on the big screen ''scary but exciting!
I have my first red carpet premier to attend in the odeon covent garden in london on the 6th october with an after party with the movie big wigs,cast and crew,lets hope i can wangle another gig on the night. Here's the link to the film  ''Biggathanben''


How ya'll doing? As an artist i like to get involved in a few different art forms. one of them is music. I wrote this song at a sad time but it served to help keep me strong. I've a revised version of it now my site.Its in the guest book page. just click on the juke box

If you guys Like it maybe i should consider putting it on a download for you, let me know.

Hope you enjoy it,



Well folks, the press release is finally being released to the public. As you know the deadline for the charity raffle is 30th october 2008 so come on people please lets try to raise some good money for the Rocking Horse.

I've made it a bit easier now to enter by text! yes all you have to do is text the word,,,,'now'  to 60155 and thats it! you still get your discounts off purchases when you text and so much less hassle for you if you really wanna help and enter the draw for your autographed Kylie Minogue painting. someones gonna have it in october and why shouldn't it be you?

So tell all your pals about it too, I know it's the credit crunch but we dont want any kids suffering for it so dig deep! text cost £3 although you can still buy online with a credit/debit card for just £2

I'm proud of ya all

merv  x



Hi everyone how are ya all doing? lets face it now, the summers all but done. we'll still get thte odd snippit of sun here and there but we may have to all go abroad to get it prolonged, never mind eh.I think the festivals are all closing for the year too and us in brighton have just celebrated our first festival, beach down festival up at devils dyke, unfortunatlely weather has been pants so i dont think it was that happy up there for the inhabitants in their tents,

My friend Hamish was at the reading festival this weekend as was he last year when the carling beer people placed  wristbands on people saying that if they wore it for a year they would get a free crate of carling beer this year! some feat eh? anyway my friend decided to go for this mammoth task of wearing this band for a whole year.

I watched him get dressed up to go out and stuff and he just kept this by now sweaty,grotty old wrist on and it was festering! stank it did. he never took it off and i was always saying to him that he is their most loyal fan. i think it started off green untill it was too dirty to be seen!

This week end was approaching and i congratulated him once more on completing the task and off he went.

He rang me on the sunday and i asked him if he got his crate of beer  ''no'' he said ''they are not sponsering it this year so i didn't get it''  what a bummer, i think he's quite attatched to it now so i think he still has it on!

I therefore would like to launch a campaign to get carling to honour their offer to him and give him his crate of beer.

If you like you can show your support for hamish by signing and leaving a message in the guest book

The free beers for hamish campaign is now on!



Hello everyone, hope your all well on this blusterous day....well windy out there.

The draw date for the charity raffle to help the Rocking Horse Appeal is the 30th october 2008

so buy your ticket from the online shop and tell all ya pals to too, remember there are no losers in this draw as once you buy your ticket for just £2! you become entitled to 25% off the painting that you buy from £80 and up,thats savings of up to £100 and more.

here's a link to the charity that you are all helping

Thank you all once again.



I thought it was suppose' to rain today according to the weather man,or was it a woman who told me #? i dunno now but it sure didn't rain here in sunny brighton. If you ever plan to visit brighton but when you look out your window it's glum and raining, chances are it is nice here so make that trip anyway.

Tommorow folks i'm at my kensington gardens gallery some come down and enjoy the fun,i'll be giving a painting away for just one pound in the famous one day raffle!  yes you can choose the painting of your choice and i have a nice selection for you all ,,Jimi Hendrix,Keith Richards,Keith Moon,Prince,Elvis,Madonna,Chaplin,Freddie Mercury,Jim Morrisson,Amy Winehouse,Neat Pete Doherty,Ali, even a nice little earner,,i mean nice little painting of Del Boy to name a few of what someone is going to get tomorrow for just £1.

So hopefully i'll see you all there, have a good weekend,


Happy Birthday to Sam the Man x


Hi ya'll

I love the wind so went onto the beach today to lap it up, only to get lashed by the rain that came so suddenly.

I took cover in the T4 bus that was on the beach after the party on the beach tour took place sunday gone with bands like n.e.r.d. and ''the streets'' whom i was saddened to have missed. ''dry ya eyes mate''

so to all the camera guys who took me on board to shelter and a chat, Thank you, your female presenter is even more beautiful off the telly!

Anyway i got my good deed in early today,you see i've been consious of a one good deed a day policy, you should try it, well todays good deed i saved a life, not like the entry in my blog titled ''First aid'' or my blog ''runaway child'' no.. this one was the life of a tiny spider who i noticed in my bath while i was taking a shower, it was heading down stream towards the plug hole when i created a damm with my hand,holding it there until the water drained,

It was a tiny little wet ball which i picked up and looked for the slightest movement,he moved his leg slightly and i knew there was hope, tranfering it from hand to hand until dry it started to run up and down my arm where i then placed him outside the door, job done! i had done my good deed for the day and hadn't even left the house!

If you can try to do one good deed a day, it's fun





Yesterday i was sitting at my street gallery when this guy came walking past with an electric guitar in his hand. i was a bit bored so i tried to get him to stop and play something ''gis a tune''

i asked, with that he said to me ''no, you can have it'' and gave me this guitar!

chuffed to bits i was at getting this, a nice shiny black one,sounds good too,Thank you to the guy who gave it to me, fits in colour code perfectly with  my piano.

Don't forget to buy your raffle ticket to help the rocking horse appeal from my online shop and

don't let the credit crunch stop you from spending £2 to help sick children

A Kylie Minogue autographed hand painted portrait for £2! Or you  might wanna get the Fatboy Slim one . how 'bout Luke Goss? they're all there for you to choose from so come on folks, dig deep,get your credit cards out and spend your £2 where it will make a difference to kids lives.

Thank you and good luck in the raffle

Catch me tommorrow at my gallery in kensington gardens brighton, i think the sun will be out so see me before you escape to the beach for your dip, I have a new mick jagger painting i've just finished which will be on display for you to purchase tommorrow.

have a funky weekend

Merv  x



I had such a laugh yesterday with you guys.I noticed that alot of people who play the guess game with their partners when they pass my gallery in kensington gardens,sometimes get stuck when it comes to a particular portrait i painted so i decided to offer it for nothing to the first person that tells me who it is.

I did not anticipate however,the 4 to 500 people who passed and gathered to have a guess at winning a painting for free!

The rules were simple,one guess,no clues. almost 500 people tried their skills and failed and the frustration on peoples faces was very watchable and entertaining.

I started packing down for the day when an irish woman arrived with her young daughter. The mother guessed first with the wrong answer and encouraged her daughter to have a go, who at first kept insisting that she did not know.I then encouraged her my self untill her mum said to her. ''well who's your favourite singer''? the girl replied ''i dont know''mika''

Hooray to the girl who guessed it right! and it happens to be her favourite! great when life treats us so nicely eh?

Please help the rocking horse childrens charity by buying a ticket from my online shop for just £2! and even get rewarded. You automatically get entered into the draw where you will recieve an autographed painting of your choice of the stars that i have painted.we have the likes of Steve Coogan,Fatboy Slim,Pete from big brother,Kylie Minogue,Chris(the earl of brighton)Eubanks,Linda Lewis,and Mr Luke Goss.who are now all on site! thanks again folks.

Karma Karma  x



I got on the bus today and put two small paintings,my charger lead and box, on the seat closest the window.

This bloke got on and as he came near me he said ''excuse me'' to sit on the inside seat of me where my charger lead and box and two A4 paintings,one which was still drying. now i understand about considering other passengers have to sit down but as i looked up at him and looked around there was eight seats behind me empty and five in front! now common sense should have made me order him elswhere but i was so flabergastidly lost for words that i just moved so he could get in there and sat in the seat behind where i began to count the empty seats all around the bus.  What's all that about?


I picked up a hitch hiker yesterday. I was just pulling out of my turning when i saw this guy coming towards me hitch hiking. Of coarse i saw about ten cars drive past him and he was quite smartly dressed so i decided to wait for him to approach me to offer him a i live very near the king alfred centre and this guy was trying to get to the palace pier in a hurry.

I've been in that situation before where i had to get to the palace pier area in a hurry but the buses are not that quick to come along the sea front, well they weren't when i wanted one.and after speed walking i found my thumb had a mind of it's own and up it went,desperatley trying to catch the eyes of the truck drivers and work vans as they passed me by. One van driver did stop and pick me up which is why i thought about doing the same.

The extra frustration is when you can see your destination from the start of your 20 minute walk when you only have 5 minutes to get there. So i picked him up and dropped him off at the pier. he was only in my car for 5 minutes or so but the conversation we had makes me wish him all the best as he has been seperated from his kids since christmas due to re-marriage. good luck mate and never stop trying

merv x

3 cheers for Emily on her 3rd birthday  x


Come on down to kensington gardens Brighton today, where I'll have my gallery set up .

Someone is going to walk away with a painting of their choice at 5pm today for £1. I have amy winehouse, neat pete docherty,hendrix and many more. The famous one day raffle, come and join in

Merv  x


Hi everyone, Another eventful day in brighton for me. I was walking down western road with my gorgeous girlfriend,just crossing the junction of the mad hatter and taj when we've heard a small child of about 2/half years old hysterical and running straight into the road crying for his mummy,He reminded me of the famous image of the Vietnam Napalm Girl     He was a little oriental boy and his mum was nowhere to be seen.

I   motioned to the traffic to stop and stooped to pick him up from the middle of the road and calm him down. He stopped crying when i picked him up and although i was dead worried for him, i had to keep smiling to reasure him everything would be ok which seemed to work, after all i was a total stranger picking him up and bringing him back across the road.

Well, after what seemed like about 5 minutes looking up and down for his mum she eventually turned up, not realising the stress he had just been through. I played down the seriousness of it as not to instill such a bad memory in the childs head and just gave him back to his mum before bidding him farewell.

I   still dont like to see kids on leads though as i do around brighton. you know the type that goes around their wrists?   everytime i see a kid with those on they look embarrassed to be wearing it.

Take care


P.S. this message is for dan, thanks for comment on my song. i've put it back up for you in the guest book button.keep fighting for your little girl.  merv  x


Hi, i wrote to you   five weeks ago   explaining how   i managed to lose £15 by throwing it away by accident (refere to may festival blog)

I explained that when this happened,i would be likely to get it back by finding some money,what goes around and all that, well today it happened,

I was out on my bike for the first time in god knows how long, rusty chain creaking as i pedaled against the wind riding through hove when i slammed on my brakes to pick up a crisp ten pound note!

I almost felt a womans sigh of grief coming towards me as i got to it before her,

thats £5 i yet have to find to get my money back!

check out my new kurt cobaine that i'm just about to put in one of my gallerys.

your fantastic

merv x


It's lovely again. The sun is out and the sea is cooling. I read a message for me suggesting a self portrait.

what d'ya recon? I dont know who would possibly buy it, i mean who would want me on their wall?and could i really spend 2 weeks painting a self portrait and risk having it stuck around me,staring at me. I dunno about that one, maybe you guys would like to see what i look like.

Well if i decide to go ahead, it will just appear in my gallery pages, but of coarse there will only be one done so watch these spaces.

Hope y'all have a wonderfull monday enjoying the sun. come and catch me in the laines this week and kensington gardens on a sundays.

had my first bbq of the summer on the beach last night. cans of beans, cans of asparagus soup, duck spring rolls,sardines and pancakes, unconventional but so good.

Just off to the beach now for my lunch and a bit of that sea breeze, come and join me!

stay cool


Charity Raffle

well yes i know.The suspense is killing me too.''who else you got coming on''? people are saying to me,well the suspense is killing me too because i cant tell you untill they are all on. there's about three or four more stars to come on now and they are almost here.

Then i can anounce the draw date and we'll be off but there is nothing stopping you from buying your ticket now and entering into this unique raffle, it's for a great cause and you would have secured your chance of getting the autographed painting of your choice!

your patience is a virtue and because of this and the fact that i cant wait to announce the winning raffle tickets, i'm gonna do a free competition right now!

the first one to give me the correct answer to my question wins a jimi hendrix portrait i painted.

answers must be given in my guest book and dont forget to put your email to recieve the painting:

here's the question:

In how many directions can your eyes look? ie looking to the left is one, looking to the right is two and so on

go for it!



Another Bank Holiday!! yay

Well it's bank holiday again and i hope the weather holds out for ya.

I'll be exhibiting my work once again in the north laines Brighton over the weekend,being in kensington gardens on sunday.

It's a lovely evening now and i'd love to pop out for a cheeky shandy but love it more so when i'm fresh and hangoverless   to visit my beautiful three year old daughter in the morning.

maybe one day i'll put the song i wrote and composed for her up here for you to hear,just a ballad with me playing the piano and singing.

good news also is that i have a movie coming out towards the end of the year. I'd done bits and bobs for the BBC and stuff and theater with shakespeare and the likes but this will be my first feature film i'm acting in. It's called ''bigga than ben'' and you can see a trailer of it on the website  

Come to mention it, I am acting in another film where i play a character called ''whitey''. the film is called too much too young and you can see a trailer of that on the website .I'm in the racing screeching car on your left.

Thats about it for now my trusted loyal fans, have a wonderful dinner and a cracking bank holiday. chat soon

Merv x


I found it hard to write to you guys mainly because i thought  to myself, ''how can I top a story like first aid''?
well i cant,so i wont try. At the moment  i'm watching the chelsea man u game and i've placed my second ever bet in the first being 20p on ben nevis in the grand national. i think i won about £4.20 , I remember my mum being annoyed that she did not put more on for me, ''god rest her soul''. My friend  who i'm with at his house now is a keen fan of the bookies and i was once told.''never trust a gambler  but he hasn't  betrayed me in the 3 years i've known him so there's your exception.He went in to put a bet on earlier and i thought,why not have a little flutter so i put one pound on chelsea to win 3-2. i stand to win £33 if thats the score so hold tight.
I'm just about to order an indian takeaway,should be ready for half time.

talk to ya soon

ps  go-on the chelsea!


Hello you. I had to use something that i trained to do for the first time today,first aid.

I was required to do a first aid coarse when i graduated as a reflexologist a few years ago and today,instead of finishing off an Amy Winehouse painting i decided to drive to kemp town to put some anti freeze in my car. yes i know what your thinking, ''but merv it was el scorcho today''. yes i know, but it was just something i've been meaning to do for a long time and now i needed it for the cooling effect it has on your car.

Anyhow, off i went,bought my anti freeze and decided to put it in straight away.  

I was   finishing up pouring it and doing the lid up when   i heard a loud crack just behind me,like a coconut cracking on the ground.

Well,i looked round and this old man of about 90 years old had colapsed! right there behind me.i   realized   that the cracking sound was the poor mans head as he landed ,i went to help him up but he was still,no response at all.i   soon realised   that i was in a cpr situation for the first time since my coarse and i struggled to remember what to do,i was supporting his head with my hand at first putting pressure on the very nasty wound on the back of his head and stooped with my head low to listen for breath and watch his chest for movement, no air, no chest movement.

When i looked at his face again it was blue, i had no choice but to give him mouth to mouth.

I blew into his mouth 5 times and done just one handed compressions on his chest, as i went for the lip connection again he breathed deeply and started to move, i got a blanket from my car and made a pillow   that put   pressure on the wound untill the ambulance arrived.

by that time he was joking that he had just had his hair cut and i was joking thank goodness he had fresh breath! actually i wasn't joking about the fresh breath bit but i was glad to be there and i hope he's ok. I am not happy however about forgetting what to do though and with that i shall do a refresher coarse,

that's all for now folks and remember,,brush your teeth, put antifreeze in your car and do a first aid coarse,you never know when you might need it

merv x

Bank Holiday

Glorious bank holiday here in brighton. There's a market that runs along the the front of the broken down pier, actually its right where my logo picture was taken and it bustles over the weekends. This week end saw the market over the three days and i joined the ranks to display a gallery there of my work.

I set up a hammock across two of the big iron pilons that still remain of the old pier and whiled away the afternoon meeting art lovers, jugglers and tightrope walkers. did any of you see that guy on the tight rope across another two pilons? so good, the dropped baton trick was my favourite with him informing me that it took five years to learn it, another couple of years and he could have been a doctor!

I love my girlfriend

take care

merv x



May festival

Hi everybody, May again so it all starts here in brighton. The Brighton festival every may brings acts from all over including street performers who you will bump into as you stroll out on your lunch or shopping trip.

There's plenty to see through the whole month of may here although i have to say that the street performing side of it all has been narrowed down somewhat over the last four years but never the less you should marvel at what you see here, Things are hotting up, as is the sun, the bloke that comes out every saturday morning in his little aircraft is back flying above the west pier doing his usual loop'der'loop tricks to get us in the mood of good 'ol Brighton.

I threw £15 in the dustbin last week, one of those jobbies where you have to double check rubbish you may have had in your hand longer than 3 minutes before eventually throwing it,

well i bought a cuppa for a street trader and was left with the empty sugar packets in my hand together with £15 in cold hard cash,

Through engaging conversation i threw the sugar packets and my 15 smackers. Now there's a bloke who i've seen on a couple of occasions eating out of that same bin, Sad i know but i only hope that he was the one who found it and like what goes around comes around, I expect to find some cash at some point, I'll let you know if and when i do.

Still waiting for all the stars in this first pool to come on board, I'm waiting for the return of my painting from a certain actor in LA so once again your patience will be rewarded if you can bear with me on this task, They are busy but have pledged their support so we just have to wait a little longer.

Pinch,Punch,first day of the month and all that to ya.



More Stars to come!

Ok folks hope you're all well.Please accept that the stars that have agreed to help me in this fund raising event are very busy. So bear with me for just a little longer before the first six stars are all revealed.

I'm looking forward to introducing them to you so dont forget to keep coming back to check.

You can of course join my mailing list and be alerted when they arrive on my website, either way your all in for a treat and its just a way of saying thank you for you supporting the charity.

We aim to make this special for everyone involved so thanks again for you purchase of the £2 charity raffle ticket, available now in the online shop

merv x

The kensington gardens one day raffle

Congratulations to Imogen who won this weeks one day raffle in kensington gardens with ticket number 578, she chose the bob marley, well done, and to all of those who bought a ticket today thank you, keep it to recieve a discount when you buy off me from my stall in kensington gardens, Have a nice week,

merv x


Well folks i made it to forty and further more i made it through till 10am the morning after my party.

what a good night i had.Thank you to all those who turned up and made it so special and a big thank you to carla who hosted it in her big fantastic house.also to her cool housemates.If it was big brother you'd all be winners.

 I'm still playing catch up with this extra hour malarky but at least it means it's the first day of summer.I'm looking forward to going to the beach with a fishing rod, catching a couple of mackerel and cooking them straight away on the   BBQ with a nice potato salad. last year was great doing that, It was from swimming in the water to being on my plate in 15 minutes and tasted gorgeous, I'm salivating now just thinking of it.

 Burger and chips today.  goce de su comida!

merv x


Hello everyone, Birthdays galore, All over Brighton.Birthday fever and no-ones going to the doctor for it. If it's your birthday then a big fat happy birthday to you.

Yes It's three and a half hours to my 40th and I'm having a party tommorow. The first friend I made when I came to brighton Is hosting It at her house for me. I stopped by yesterday to organise It all and as far as planning goes I told her I had two speakers, She told me she had the decks and that was It!

No fuss just party.  maybe I could become a party planner.

boys II men were at the brighton center tonight, perfect name for them,well done boys oop, I mean men.

Duck feet tommorow people, I think we've got rain In. I'll let you know how my party was If your not there. Have a nice weekend

Merv x




Hi everyone,  I'm so excited about the stars that have agreed to help raise funds for the rocking horse charity by autographing my paintings of them. I'm itching to tell you who I have on board for this but I have to resist simply because of the fact that they are not quite on the site yet but soon folks, soon.

It's such a good cause and you will be rewarded for buying a ticket not only by knowing that you have helped to raise funds for sick children but for the fact that you will recieve a 25% discount on all paintings worth £80 and up.

So Come on people, what are you waiting for? buy your tickets online now and start to make a difference

All the best




Happy St patricks day to one and all   especially the irish of coarse as i feel i have an infinity with them,i'm expecting to see the whole of brighton shammrocked out tonight with the usual shinannigans going on like the obligatory guiness hats and i'm sure lots of us will be out tonight painting the town green.

have a safe evening and if you see me out, mine's a guiness

drink safely



Cor blimey! 80mph winds,slates coming off roofs.I saw a nice mercedes that had been crushed by falling bricks and slates from rooftops at my end of town just by the town hall in hove, nice to see an old lady getting blown about but laughing her head off, must admit i'm a big wind lover so i think i'll head on down to the beach after   writing to you guys here, i love the big waves crashing in and the spray of the sea on my face, i went to the devils dyke last night after doing some work on my new piece

for those of you who dont know this place it's about a 5-10 minute drive from brighton up into the countryside where you ascend to this point where you can see out to sea as far as the i-can-see and out towards london as far as the i-can-see, in fact you can turn round and see panorammicaly(if there is such a word)as far as the i-can-see, beautiful spot and dead quite when your there,

all i could hear last summer whilst snoozing there was the sheep pulling out the grass 200 yards away, until i was disturbed by this guy on a motorized hang glider buzzing around above  me, so annoying i wished i had my catapult with me

anyhow i was there last night watching the storm coming in, i could see the clouds and lightning in the distance heading towards me,with the   deepened red sky murmuring   on the horizon just under   the thick grey blanket of cloud that   was coming to give us what for.   I was hoping to see the rain lashing down in the distance while i was still dry in the beautiful spot where i was,   It didn't happen.

so off home i then went where i fell asleep fully clothed with my feet hanging off the side of the bed, d'narf do your back in when you do that!

i do hope that none of you suffered any loss or damage in the storm, let us all know in the forum of your experiences

sleep well


ps. dont forget to join my mailing list as it will be well worth your time. takes about ten seconds to join up. and any big announcments and offers to make in the weeks ahead  you will be the first to know, see ya in the list.



Yes it's fast approaching. my 40th,in a matter of weeks now but i'm not fretting, oh no, i'm merely celebrating the fact that i made it to that age,whoo hoo!(thoughts out to hendrix,dean etc etc)so a party is on the cards and i'm looking forward to it, friends from london and my new family of friends right here in perfect brighton that i have become fond of in the two and a half years i've been living here.

and yes,life does get better as you get older,especially mine right here in brighton, i still love it here.i like the fact that when you hear a siren, nine times out of ten it's an ambulance or fire engine and not the police curbing trouble,   you lose your phone and it would get handed in to the nearest restaurant/shop and you would get it back, thats what happened to me,and for all the single guys, there's four women to one bloke here.

perfect pete,winner of big brother or (neat pete) as i like to call him came by to see me today. his new single ''cosmonaut''out now to download so gettcha copy now! an amazing all round talented guy. I met him a couple of years ago before he took the house by storm and i wish him all the best. i'll be downloading his track promptly

listen to it here!

Look out for the signed by him portrait I'll be doing.

May all your troubles be little ones


Funny 'ol day

It was a funny  old day today  with not alot of sunshine and i was set up  in brightons  kensington gardens where i have a range of A4 size paintings which are proving to be very popular amongst you all. the only bad news I heard today was from a couple of cool dudes who didn't see the taxi rank before they parked there and alas they had their car towed away,,sorry lads. they bought an amy winehouse painting from me and i felt like giving it to them but i have to eat.

I didn't spend any money on dinner though, i ate last nights indian, lovely how it taste's so handsome the next day do you not think?

I like the beesmouth in western road and i've just come from there after my after work pint, not everyday i do this but you should have seen what i was pulling today, i looked like ben hur in colour!

walk safe.


well done to dominique who took part in my little raffle to win a small a4 size painting , yes, she won and when she came back she chose a john lennon painting,

 thanks to all and everyone who bought a raffle ticket from me today and i hope to see you soon. It was nice to talk to all who stopped for a chat today and thanks to the young lad who went to the shop for me and bought me some phone vouchers, 

if you were thinking of sending me a family photo to paint and took my card please send me the photo to look at, i cant do all of them but will try my best if the photo is good enough,

congratulations to white guy with the black lady on the birth of the cutest 3 week old baby  aahh!

right then folks i've just ordered a chicken korma,special rice and baji's to chase this san miguel beer i've got, corr lovely.

Enjoy your saturday night in brighton and wherever you are and have a beer for me,

see you tommorow in kensington gardens, brighton, lets hope it doesn't rain

peace       merv


Another glorious day today although we all still needed our coats here in sunny brighton.

I   took a lovely drive into the countryside and bought the biggest canvas i have ever bought.It's 2 meters by 1 metre, big and i dont know what or who i'm gonna paint on it yet, any suggestions?? maybe micheal jordan slam dunking i dunno, I may just turn it sideways and start painting the west pier in brighton but it would need a nice big wall to accommodate it.have you got such a wall needing filling?maybe your looking for someone to paint you something big you've always wanted done? you might wanna send me some pictorial ideas. rocky balboa perhaps? you tell me.

you tell me who you want that big on your wall and i'll paint it for you, Happy Holidays!



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